David Archuleta Performs Pittsburgh Oct. 26

David Archuleta Delivers Second EP Entitled ‘LEO’ on August 25
Highly Anticipated New Project Currently Available for Pre-Order Here 
Star to Embark on 10+ City Tour in September 
Platinum-selling singer David Archuleta is gearing up for the August 25 release of Leo, the second EP from the international pop star. The four new tracks showcase David’s creative use of multiple producers, resulting in a kaleidoscope of colorful, thought-provoking pop, united what’s become his signature positivity, personal and profound songwriting which fans experiences through the release of his first EP, Orion, in May.
David has chosen the constellations theme for the series of projects based upon the upward direction he often looks for inspiration, both literally and figuratively. “I want to get people to look up more, and the stars along with music are some of the best ways I know how to do that,” he explains. “The upcoming album as a whole serves that purpose to get people to look up and for something more, whether that’s looking for God, for a deeper connection to life or finding more of who they are. I’m a huge believer that looking up will always serve a purpose, and we will move forward more filled and stronger.”
The highly anticipated new project is currently available for pre-orders by visiting iTunes. Fans who place their pre-orders will get a copy of the singer’s new single, “I’m Ready,”prior to the official release on August 25. 
Leo is a more throwback and stripped-down set of songs,” says David. “I wanted to show strength and that I was taking a stand for myself with these songs. I want my voice to be heard after letting so many other voices and opinions steer my path. I felt the constellation of Leo represented that. Lions can be fierce and strong, but they also have a calmness and relaxed nature [that] I see whenever I watch videos and documentaries with lions in them. I wanted to show that while I am coming forward with strength, it’s not in an angry or aggressive manner. It’s calm, but firmly standing my ground in who I am.”
Of “I’m Ready,” David says, “Change is something that has never been easy for me. I am a very analytical person. I’m always asking myself ‘But what if?’ I hate to say it, but many times my worries get so strong I don’t even dare to move. I’m too afraid that I will mess up and fail. I’ve realized, however, that falling is part of the journey. Joy doesn’t come from avoiding problems, it comes from working through them and getting back up when you fall.”
Rounding out Leo are tracks “Spotlight Down,” “Someone to Love” and
“Other Things in Sight.” 
“Spotlight Down” describes David returning to music after a mission trip to Chile and “having a hard time coming back to the idea of being in the limelight of being on social media and performing on stage again,” he says. “I remembered that the reason why I loved music wasn’t to get everyone to watch and adore me, but my favorite part of singing as a little kid in the backyard was that no one was listening. I felt I could be who I really was. Those were some of the moments I felt closest to God. This song goes back to that. Happiness isn’t about how many people are watching you. It’s about connecting to who you really are deep down in your soul, and having the courage to stay true to that.”
David says the raw and sentimental, “Someone to Love, is a “song about how exhausting it was for me to constantly be focusing on myself and being liked by everyone. Being so caught up in myself got me over analyzing and constantly self-critiquing as I looked in the mirror. I got worn out by it, and was conflicted because I was convinced I needed to be selfish to stay higher up on the food chain and be somebody, but knew I needed to change where I was looking. I went on my mission and realized real love comes from forgetting yourself and converting that focus and commitment from negative self-centeredness to positive energy that you get filled up with when you find someone to love, serve and lift up.”
Lastly, “Other Things in Sight,” the singer describes as his “rebellious” song. “It was my song [about] being tired of everyone’s opinion of what I should and what I shouldn’t be doing because according to them, I am getting it all wrong,” he laughs.
“They say I don’t know any better, that I’m naïve and want to put me down until I’m insecure enough to hand my life away to them and to their control. I didn’t want to say it in any angry way. I’m actually not trying to be rebellious, but rather the contrary. I wanted to politely say to back off and let me grow up.”
All four tracks were co-written by David along with the talented tunesmiths listed below.
Leo Track Listing: 
1. “Other Things In Sight”
(David Archuleta/Jeremy Bose/Trent Dabbs. Producer: Jeremy Bose)
2. “Someone To Love”
(David Archuleta/Jeremy Bose/ Cindy Morgan. Producer: Jeremy Bose)
3. “I’m Ready”
(David Archuleta/Cason Cooley/Annie Schmidt. Producer: Cason Cooley)
4. “Spotlight Down”  
(David Archuleta/Isabeau Miller/Shaun Balin/Camille Nelson.
      Producer: Thomas Doeve)
David will support Leo with tour dates throughout the Midwest, including the following stops:
Sept. 23 Kamas, Utah
Oct. 25 Sellersville, Penn.
Oct. 26 Pittsburgh, Penn.
Oct. 27 Cincinnati, Ohio
Oct. 31 Minneapolis, Min.
Nov. 1 Indianapolis, Ind.
Nov. 2 Kansas City, Mo.
Nov. 4 Franklin, Tenn.
Nov. 18 Pocatello, Idaho
Additional dates will be added and can be seen by visitingwww.davidarchuleta.com.
About David Archuleta
Since launching his career in 2008, when he became the runner-up of American Idol with 44 million votes, Archuleta has found success both at home and abroad. “Crush,” his debut single, sold more than 1.92 digital copies, paving the way for a string of albums that have touched on modern pop, Christian music and holiday favorites. Archuleta has been a familiar face on TV, too — not only on American Idol, whose cast he joined at 16-years-old, but also on shows like iCarly and Hannah Montana. Finally, he made the New York Times’ bestsellers’ list with his 2010 autobiography, ‘Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance.”
Archuleta took a break from the public eye in 2012, when he put his singing career on hold in order to volunteer at the La Misión Chile Rancagua in Santiago, Chile. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Archuleta worked as a volunteer missionary for two years. Upon his return, he began changing his approach to songwriting, going beyond his Top 40 roots to focus on honest, heartfelt lyrics. 
Orion unveiled Archuleta’s new sound, mixing his melodies and muscular vocals with stories about his life and recent experiences. Like the constellation that gave the initial EP its name, the August 25 Leo also burns brightly.