Rock Room 8.23.17 :Swingers Club, Chiller, Firewalker, and Barbarian

This show was insanely awesome. The Rock Room has the best vibe that you could want in a dive-bar venue, to say the least. Swingers Club and Chiller started the show off with some killer jams that got everyone in the right mood for Firewalker, a killer, female filled hardcore band from Boston. The last band that played that gig wasn’t even originally on the bill – Barbarian. Barbarian played at Gooski’s the previous night and they were supposed to be gone the next day. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, they were stuck in Pittsburgh for another night. Barbarian, a bunch of totally awesome dudes from Italy, absolutely blew everyone away. It was the perfect band to end the night with. I spoke to their totally killer drummer who had nothing but great things to say about the steel city, regardless of his lack of fluency in English… “Pittsburgh is fucking great we meet a lot of great and supportive people here, we even got a great place to stay rest and have fun and this is not so common here in us but we are kinda used to in Europe. The two venues where we played were great, maybe not so many people showed up but they were all great and supportive, I mean we run out of merchandise here and this is fucking great. This is the steel city and I love it, you know I’m a metalhead! Cheers.”

This show definitely made it to the top of my list for best shows thanks to the band and the killer venue.


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