Pittsburgh Event

Lo-fi Pop duo Zigtebra roars into Pittsburgh July 4th

Zigtebra play Howler’s on July 4th with Reign Check, Dumplings, and Sorry I’m Dead

Zigtebra is Zebra (Emily Rose) and Tiger (Joseph).  They are half-siblings who met in Chicago at the end of 2010 while performing in the Pure Magical Love dance troupe.  Immediately drawn to one another, they found themselves on an investigative journey of lineage culminating in the discovery of shared blood.  “Zigtebra” was born as a lifetime adventure to collaborate.  Armed with a cassette of collected songs (“The Pink Line”), they set off across America on a summer road trip/tour.  When they returned to Chicago they locked themselves up at Observatory Studios and recorded new material for their first studio album “The Brave.”

Big Plans for 2017: Releasing a new song and music video EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

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“Zigtebra’s The Brave is the bold marriage of linear, catchy, pure pop minimalism and new-fangled oddity/intrigue. Clean without being slick, bubbly without being trite, and full of thoughtful musings, all laid out within the bands own gaga, dragon-fruitish and ticklish aesthetic. Oh, and it’s full of love — If you don’t know what love is, you might get a clue from this album.”

Check out the Live video from their show opening for OH WONDER. It was a new song, and since then they’ve released a more dancey music video of the new version.