Pittsburgh Event

Brooklyn’s B BOYS Performing in Pittsburgh

Tue-May-23 Pittsburgh, PA @ Gooski’s


“Brookyn’s best new punks show their softer side” – FLOOD
B Boys hit us with their new single “Walking”, a song the band explains is “about trying to be tender and acknowledging that masculinity is a prison written after a whirlwind of emotions of being on tour.”  The single debuted over at FLOOD who’ve described it “bounces out like a version of ‘Sweet Jane’ reimagined for a punk-rock prom, but it quickly shifts into itself, the internal tension building more quickly than the group allows it to escape.”
B Boys full-length debut Dada is out June 16 on Captured Tracks. This month they set out on a full North American tour with Merchandise. Highlights include NYC, LA, Seattle, SF, Portland and more. Check below for a full list of dates.
B Boys Live Dates: 
5/20: Murmrr Hall – Brooklyn, NY (Tour Kick Off w/ Future Punx)
5/23: Gooski’s – Pittsburgh, PA
5/24: Cafe Bourbon Street – Columbus, OH
5/25: The Sinkhole – St. Louis, MO
5/26: 89th Street Collective – Oklahoma City, OK ^
5/27: The Bottleneck – Lawrence, KS ^
5/28: Hi-Dive – Denver, CO ^
5/30: The Olympic – Boise, ID ^
6/1: Barboza – Seattle, WA ^
6/2: Fortune – Vancouver, B.C. ^
6/3: Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR ^
6/5: Arlene Francis Center – Santa Rosa, CA ^
6/6: Swedish American Hall – San Francisco, CA ^
6/8: The Echo – Los Angeles, CA ^
6/9: Hideout – San Diego, CA ^
6/10: Valley Bar – Phoenix, AZ ^
6/11: Club Congress – Tucson, AZ ^
6/12: Sister – Albuquerque, NM ^
6/14: Sidewinder – Austin, TX ^
6/15: Andy’s Bar – Denton, TX ^
6/16: Saturn – Birmingham, AL ^ (FREE)
6/17: Third Man Records – Nashville, TN ^
6/18: The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA ^
6/19: The Pinkhook – Durham, NC
6/20: Church & Co. – Baltimore, MD
6/21: Sunnyvale – Brooklyn, NY
^ – w/ Merchandise
A:  It all began with a dream, really. The album.
Q:  Oh, there’s an album?
A:  13 songs, recorded with microphones and such. A variety of instruments.
Q:  I’d call that an album.
A:  We call it Dada.
Q:  Like the art movement?
A:  Yeah sure, but more like the combination of syllables.
Q:  So, like a linguistic connection?
A:  Language, self-awareness, introspection, a fresh pair of chinos. It’s all connected; not everything has to make sense.
Q:  Fair enough, but it all seems to be stemming from somewhere. Where is this where?
A:  You won’t find it on some cartographer’s desk. It comes from within. Equal parts collective unconscious and personal experience.
Q:  That’s a lot deeper than you look.
A:  We got a different mind.
Q:  If 50 years from now the kids are still grooving to this Dada thing – success?
A:  50 years? Kids? We’d be happy if anyone was grooving to this 50 days from now.
Q:  What would you call that? Self-deprecation? An odd sense of humor?
A:  All we know is all we know, but 50 days of grooving sounds pretty good from where we sleep, especially on a pair of quality speakers.
Q:  Now you’re talking. OK, so I’m stuck on a deserted island with this Dada LP. What else should I bring?
A:  A tin of mints and some unconventional serenity.
Q:  Do you have anything specific you’d like to express to get the fans going?
At this point in the conversation, the B Boys looked at one another, stood up, and walked away without saying a word. Before reaching the door, they flipped a switch on the wall and every single fan in the place turned on. They looked back over their shoulder and smiled.
One thing’s for certain: I wish I could be on a deserted island with them right now with a salty breeze flowing through my hair.
B Boys
Captured Tracks 
June 16, 2017 
Pre-order: Physical | Digital
1 – B Boys Anthem
2 – Another Thing
3 – Discipline
4 – Psycho (Still)
5 – Flatlands
6 – Distance
7 – I
8 – Energy
9 – 1 2 Reminder
10 – Fade
11 – Fear It
12 – Time
13 – Walking
B Boys Online: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Bandcamp