Concert Review

Make Them Suffer Finally Make it to Pittsburgh

It may have only been their second visit ever to the states, but Make Them Suffer felt right at home playing in Pittsburgh the other night along with Stray from the Path and Architects (UK).  Make Them Suffer were actually supposed to make an appearance about a year ago now in Pittsburgh, but had some complications with traveling so were unable to make it.  Well, we are here now to say that the wait was well worth it for this particular band.  There just happens to be something unique about their sound that separates them from the usual “metal” band that we’ve come to be comfortable with for the most part.  Could it be the majestic melodies of the piano?  Possibly the way they structure their songs?  All of it?  The answer turns out to be the simplest thing you could possibly imagine, yes, simply yes.


Anticipations were very high for this show, and quite honestly having Make Them Suffer open was the best way it could have started.  They might not be that well known (yet) but as stated earlier, they felt right at home, was very well true as more than just a fair portion of the crowd were right there singing along and having fun down in the pit area with them.  Sadly, six songs were personally not enough, and when Make Them Suffer’s vocalist Sean said they only had two songs left, disappointment filled the room since their set was going oh so well.  Needless to say that they left Pittsburgh with a lot of new fans that night.  Two thumbs up goes to the boys from down under, Make Them Suffer, and anticipations are high once again for their return which hopefully is sooner rather than later.

Words and pix: Dave Mondine



  1. Widower
  2. Fake
  3. Elegies
  4. Let Me In
  5. Ether
  6. Blood Moon