The Fall Of Hearts Tour: Katatonia, Caspian, and Uncured in Pittsburgh @MrSmalls

Katatonia have long displayed a masterful propensity for expressing the tears and torments of mortality, offering sumptuous glimmers of sonic hope to soothe our troubled souls,” so states the biography of the band via their website.  It’s not a boast it is simply a fact.  The 25-year-old band out of Stockholm has survived the test of time by consistently producing heavy tonal music that is in a category all its own.  Never relying on the same output of tunes, Katatonia has repeatedly reinvented themselves without losing themselves, or their audience. As Anders Nyström (guitar) has stated, “Our musical signals and language have changed considerably from 1993 to 2016, but I can still sense a common message in the atmosphere sustaining since day one. Maybe you could call us a progressive metal band with a deep passion for non-metal music? It’s easy to reach all the branches in the tree and let them sway when you have a firm root to climb (http://katatonia.com/biography/).”

Opening with “Last Song Before The Fade” from their new album, The Fall of Hearts, Katatonia was quick to set the intense somber tone of the evening (Set List below via Setlist.fm).  With sparse lighting and foreboding swirls of the deepest, darkest metal the band put on a soulful and unforgettable performance.

Caspian, a post-rock band from Beverly, MA were a good pairing for Katatonia as they are not as dark, but just as musically intense and talented.  At times reminiscent of a metal U2, the band has performed on the Last Call With Carson Daly which highlighted their atmospheric songwriting.

Uncured is a young progressive metal band out of NYC following in the vein of Opeth, Dream Theater, Mastodon, and Gojira.  The band has a bright future considering the critical praise for their EP release and their newly release LP on March 10. 2017.


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