Pittsburgh Event

Citizen Zero in Pittsburgh, PA at Rex Theater on March 4

Citizen Zero 
The new face of active rock, Citizen Zero is here to stay. They released their debut State of Mind in August and their single “Go (Let Me Save You)” is currently charting on Active Rock Charts.
They represent the faceless citizen. It’s the everyday person no better than anyone. All their songs they write are about the experiences they have faced as a band.
header-1-825x750The Detroit rock outfit deliver arena-size anthems fueled by intricate musicianship. Striking a balance between edgy grunge attitude a la Stone Temple Pilots and bluesy alternative expanse reminiscent of Kings of Leon, their knack for a hook immediately resonated with a growing national fan base. Once you hear a Citizen Zero song, you remember it. 
You can watch their video for “Go (Let Me Save You) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5ecIvC16zA
You can learn more about them here: http://site.wearecitizenzero.com

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