Highly Suspect release official video for GRAMMY nominated song


My Name Is Human
 via Vanity Fair
Highly Suspect official video for GRAMMY nominated song;

starring CHLOE BRIDGES of Pretty Little Liars

sophomore album, The Boy Who Died Wolf available now via 300 Ent

“A lot of people think the song is about being a human,” Stevens tells Vanity Fair via email. “I believe some of us aren’t human at all. Or at least not completely, but that is still our name. At some point in the last couple hundred years something changed. The androids, the aliens. . . They aren’t coming. We are here. A molecule can enter our atmosphere and change the entire worlds genetic makeup without anyone taking notice. You think little green men are the aliens? My ‘name’ is human. And Chloe Bridges rules.”

– Highly Suspect frontman, Johnny Stephens



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