Earn Bonnaroo Tickets and More

Earn a Free Ticket + Special Perks! 

Become a Bonnaroo Ambassador and you can earn your way to Bonnaroo. Get bonus prizes and perks simply by selling tickets to your Roo crew! Learn more and sign up HERE! Here’s what you could earn:

  • Sell 7 – Receive a free GA Weekend ticket 
  • Sell 10 –  You + 1 carload of friends (up to 6 people) share a reserved camping spot super close to Centeroo
  • Sell 12 –  Two free Ferris Wheel rides for you and six friends (Weee!)  
  • Sell 14 –  8 shower passes 
  • Sell 16 – A FREE merch item for you and your 6 friends ($25 value per item per person) *Limit 20 winners 
  • Sell 20 – Food tokens ($100 value) + 6 Refill Revolution Cups *Limit 10 winners
  • Sell 50 – 2 VIP upgrades *Limit 5 winners
  • Sell 75 –  Guaranteed pit access for 2 people to headliner of your choice + personal golf cart tour of the site for 2 *Limit 1 winner
  • Sell 100 – THE GOLDEN TOILET. Your own private port-a-throne while at Bonnaroo, decked out in gold. Why? Because you deserve it. *Limit 1 winner 
  • Sell 250 – Private party with exclusive DJ set for you & 50 friends for 2 hrs at Christmas Barn and Silent Disco Llimit 1 winner
  • Sell 500 – The Ultimate Bonnaroo Experience (comfort, convenience, and a whole lot of positivity. Trust us, it’ll be awesome) *Limit 1 winner

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