Reel Big Fish Celebrate 20 Years of ‘Turn the Radio Off’ in Pittsburgh

Wednesday night in Pittsburgh brought together all of the hardcore punk and ska fans in the entire area just to see the hometown boys Anti-Flag and the legendary Reel Big Fish all in one night.  This was the first really big show in Pittsburgh this year, and what a way to start it off as both Anti-Flag and Reel Big Fish were both celebrating the 20th anniversary for two of their most famous, well known albums.


As Reel Big Fish hit the stage, there was no time wasted in starting their set, but they didn’t want to go straight into “Turn the Radio Off” just yet, so they played a few classics to kick off the night like: I Want Your Girlfriend to be My Girlfriend, Kiss Me Deadly, Another F.U. Song, and Your Guts (I Hate Them).  Shortly after, they started to play “Turn the Radio Off” in its entirety to celebrate its 20th anniversary.


While Speaking with Aaron Barret earlier about how the crowd reacts to playing the whole album, it was mentioned that most people just stare off into space because they don’t know the other songs on the album besides the major hits.  Well Pittsburgh definitely did not just die out when the not so popular songs were being played.  Everyone was singing and skanking (dancing) along the whole night from start to finish.


Of course though, after the album was finished, we get an encore with some more of their greatest hits like “Where Have You Been?” and without a single doubt, “Take On Me.”  All and all the performance was great as always; Reel Big Fish just never seem to let anyone down when playing a show.  Walking into Stage AE on a Wednesday and it is just about sold out shows that no matter what, they have an amazing and committed fan base located here in Pittsburgh that isn’t changing anytime soon.


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