Every Time I Die come out Swinging @MrSmalls

With a stellar new release and a major head banging tour happening all at once, no one else could honestly come out on stage with such confidence in themselves as Every Time I Die.  When I say that, I do mean that they knew that their latest album was such a hit that playing half of it Saturday night for the city of Pittsburgh was more than a splendid idea.  From the amount of bodies flying that night (that does include ETID), something definitely went right while they were supporting Beartooth on their latest tour.


It is such a rare occasion that you see a band anymore that is non-stop from start to finish during their set;  Especially when they end up playing for about an hour or so.  ETID just so happens to be one of those bands that comes out swinging and guns a blazing until their time is up.  Even when their time is up its hard to believe that they still would and could go longer.  So just like their records, there is no stopping for a breather because there is no time for such tomfoolery at an ETID show.  Hopefully the crowd who had no clue what to expect when they hit the stage was able to survive the pit after their performance.  From stage dives to high fives to jump kicks and flying guitars, it was quite the spectacle to say the least.  They never lost a beat either which after listening to a lot of their music, you wouldn’t believe me until you saw it for yourself.


Pittsburgh Music Magazine gives Every Time I Die’s latest album “Low Teens” and their most recent performance at Mr. Smalls two thumbs up!  Anything less would be demeaning in all honesty.  Hopefully they will be stopping back next year for a headlining tour of their own.



  1. Glitches
  2. We’rewolf
  3. Ebolarama
  4. Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space
  5. Thirst
  6. Decayin’ With the Boys
  7. Petal
  8. Bored Stiff
  9. Two Summers
  10. The New Black
  11. Floater
  12. It Remembers
  13. The Coin Has a Say
  14. No Son of Mine
  15. Map Change