Fred Armisen Heads Out On Tour

unnamed-3Crisis of Conformity. Ian Rubbish. Blue Jean Committee. Test Pattern. What do all of these legendary, forgotten groups of yester year have in common?Fred Armisen! His record collection runs deep; from lost, essential hardcore punk of the 80’s to breezy yacht rock; from art school-inflected new wave to regional, softsational piano rock-Fred‘s brought us the best crate digging finds this side of the Atlantic! The problem with reissues, though, is you always find yourself thinking “man, this is great, but I wish I could see ’em live!” Well guess what, Fred delivers! For a short spurt on the East Coast, Mr. Armisen brings them all back to life, live and on stage!
These dates below provide a tiny glimpse into the sounds that help define the lifestyle of one of America’s most prolific and experienced satirists and avid music fans – what are you waiting for? We’ll stop writing so you stop reading – get your tickets to see Fred Armisen live while they still last!

10/29/16 at Festival Supreme in Los Angeles, CA
11/1/16 at Grand Opera House Copeland Hall in Wilmington, DE
11/2/16 at 9:30 Club in Washington, DC
11/3/16 at College Street Music Hall in New Haven, CT
11/4/16 at The Town Hall in New York, NY
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