Twelve Foot Ninja at Mr. Smalls

An electrifying Friday night in Millvale at Mr. Smalls Theater with one of the freshest, biggest acts to come out of Australia, Twelve Foot Ninja.  With their unique style and incredible stage presence, they were hitting the stage with everything they had.  This being the fourth official time that they were visiting the states, they have definitely shown that they now have quite the following since their debut album came out a few years back.


Right before seeing them play for the first time, I admit that I have never heard any of their music and had no clue what “fusion metal” would even sound like.  Just half way through their first song, I will also admit that I became a fan listening to some of the most unique musicians that have hit the stage to date.  From the excellent guitar work to the killer drum beats back to the smooth vocals that combined together leave you in shock and awe… this is one band that is fairly difficult to describe who they sound like without overloading anyone’s brain; meaning there are about dozen bands that if combined together could do what Twelve Foot Ninja do on a daily basis.  No wonder why these guys have been recognized so much in the past couple of years and are now about to be the direct support for the legendary Disturbed.


Even though Twelve Foot Ninja was not the headliner for the night, it seems as if they could have been since majority of the crowd was screaming their name to start the show.  Once again, they have quite the following now.  Now that I personally know what all the hype is about surrounding this band, it all makes sense, they are the next big thing, and they are worth the listen.  I feel as if most would be surprised by what they hear, in a good way that is.  Plus, seeing them live was quite the experience and I do hope that the albums they have released do just as much justice as their performances do.

All photos Dave Mondine © 2016