blonder debuts new track


 “Sometimes you just know—a song starts, and no more than a few seconds in, a smile creeps onto your face. The actual subject matter of Blonder’s “Talk To Me” isn’t all that optimistic—it’s a story of missed connections—but those bright, buzzy synths and the faraway vocals are irresistible. If you have a pulse, “Talk To Me” will quicken it. Blonder has played with Blood Orange and Porches in the past, and if “Talk To Me” is any indication, they made the most of it.

“The song is about seeing someone and knowing that’d you do anything to have them acknowledge you so you could talk to them,” Blonder frontman, Constantine said. “The musical idea for the song came when I was working with my friend Aaron Maine in New York and I kept seeing this one person around that I wanted to talk to but never did. When I went to Los Angeles to record it, the one line that was audible in the demo was ‘in the back of the car,’ and that idea of what it would be like to talk to that person just stuck in my head.”  – Pigeons and Planes 

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