In Dying Arms Premieres Powerful and Controversial Video

        In Dying Arms is delivering a powerful message with their new video for “Blackwater”. The song itself shows the struggle of suicidal thoughts and feeling like one is dealing with life by themselves. The band wanted to stay true to the meaning of the song with the video and show fans that they are not alone. Vocalist Orion Stephens explains, “The Blackwater music video is about suicide contemplation with this character who has hit rock bottom and believes this is his only way out. In this video, we wanted it to look as real as possible with a very grim realistic setting. The conclusion of the video is the character finding his self worth as he watches the sun rising after his long night of failed suicide attempts.” Stephens continues with a message for fans, “We spent a lot of time on this video and hope it hits home for a lot of viewers that can relate to this message. Stay strong.”
       The band also celebrated a milestone anniversary. September 10th marked the ten year anniversary of In Dying Arms. The band has worked hard to make a name for themselves in the metal scene with an extensive album and touring history. Their latest release, “Original Sin” was their Tragic Hero Records label debut and landed the band on the Billboard charts. In Dying Arms is proof that hard work and dedication pays off and with no signs of stopping, the future looks bright for this band.

About In Dying Arms
(Baltimore, MD) Combining deathcore, metalcore and post hardcore, In Dying Arms prides itself on making music that is soothing yet devastating at the same time. Taking influences from Slipknot and even the older Suicide Silence, IDA has perfected a sound all their own. They could best be compared to a hurricane, often leaving the listener guessing where it will go next.
Orion Stephens (vocals) founded the band with fellow high school friends and has been active in building it ever since. Terence Bright (bass) and Alvin Richardson (drums) had worked musically with Stephens’ before IDA was formed and were eager to continue to create great music together. Christian Becker (guitar/vocals) and John Myers (guitar) were brought in to round out the current lineup.
With an impressive resume thus far, In Dying Arms plans to continue along the strong path that they’ve built both recording and touring. They’re definitely no stranger to the recording studio and have put out numerous albums and an EP. “This Is Retaliation EP” (2009) which was produced by Marc Neito of Kandid Productions and was followed up by their album “Deprivation” (2010) which was produced/engineered by Brian Bond and drums were tracked by Neito. In 2011, In Dying Arms put out their self titled album and brought in Toby Valmas to track the album and Zakk Cervini (5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, Sleeping with Sirens) to mix/master. In 2012, the band worked with Producer Stephan Hawkes (I Declare War, Defeat The Low, Hearts & Hands) of Interlace Audio to release “Boundaries”.  Most recently they enlisted Andreas Magnusson (The Black Dahlia Murder, Born of Osiris, Despised Icon) to produce their latest album.
    In Dying Arms has toured extensively and relentlessly. They’ve spent time on the road with bands like Attila, Crown The Empire, Fit For A King, Volumes, Counterparts, My Ticket Home, Sirens & Sailors and numerous other bands.
During their career, they have been a part of the rosters of both Artery Recordings and Matchless Records, in 2015 the band caught the eye of Tragic Hero Records and they each felt that the other was a perfect fit. In Dying Arms released their label debut, “Original Sin” in 2016 and landed the band on the Billboard Charts.