Dave Matthews Band: Crowd pleasing jams from the first note in Pittsburgh

Story and photos: Dawn Morris

It was Pittsburgh’s 200th birthday, but the giant bash in the city had no effect on turnout for Dave Matthews Band 25th Anniversary tour.

Starting 30 minutes late (10 more than usual) Dave and friends brought the house down a packed crowd yet again.

I will not go in to full on review mode because if you haven’t seen them in 25 years, odds are you’re not going to start now. If you have, you know the drill. Crowd pleasing jams from the first note. Like days of old on Dead Head circuits, the band gets up and goes off. Music improv is the name of the game and jam sessions ran long.

The night was gorgeous with a break in humidity so (for once) I just sat down to chill and hear the music.

Dope was in the air and beers were in hand, but it was nice to see Matthews bridge a generational gap. The crowd easily ran the gamut from 6 to 60, and while a few staggered none fell. Faces of all ages were washed in happiness and signing along. It was easy to just close your eyes and let the sound wash over you.

There is nothing to say (that has not been said) so I present to you the 2016 First Niagara set list:

One Sweet World


Grace is Gone

Dive In


Fool to Think

Seek Up

Kill the Preacher

Why I Am


Samurai Cop

Belly Belly Nice

Don’t Drink the Water

Drive In, Drive Out

Dancing Nancies


Bob Law

All Along the Watchtower (cover)



You Might Die Trying

all photos © 2016 Dawn Morris