Daye Jack gets “Raw” in new song + Apple Music’s Juno film


Daye Jack returns with a new track entitled “Raw” which premiered last night on Ebro’s Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio program.  Produced by Mike Elizondo, “Raw” is the latest glimpse into Daye’s forthcoming debut album.

Daye is featured in Apple Music’s “Visions of Harmony,” a short film inspired by NASA’s Juno mission and the link between exploring space and making music.  The Joe Sill-directed piece also features the Juno mission’s principal investigator Scott Bolton, Corrine Bailey Rae, and Quiñ

Since dropping his critically-acclaimed Hello World mixtape from his NYU dorm room, Daye followed-up the buzz with his lush Soul Glitch EP and several stand-alone songs (“Finish Line,” “Rule the World,” “Piggybank”) as previews into his full-length effort which features production from Elizondo, Nosaj, and Max Martin.   The 20-year old has toured with New Orleans’ Pell and Danish pop-soul band Lukas Graham, performed at Lollapalooza and Moogfest, collaborated with Killer Mike (“Hands Up”) and Cardinox (“Doors” remix), and has even written songs and appeared on recent albums for Tori Kelly (“Expensive”) and Ariana Grande (“Sometimes”).   Expect more of his eclectic palette on his full-length debut out later this year which features production fromElizondoNosajMax Martin and more.

Prior to, Daye will hit the road with Watsky this fall for another round of North American tour dates.
FRI 9/2                 Phoenix, AZ                  Club Red
SAT 9/3                Albuquerque, NM           Sushine
SUN 9/4               El Paso, TX                  Tricky Falls
TUE 9/6               Austin, TX                     Emo’s
WED 9/7              Dallas, TX                     House of Blues
THU 9/8               Houston, TX                  House of Blues
FRI 9/9                New Orleans, LA            House of Blues
SAT 9/10              Pensacola, FL                Vinyl
TUE 9/13             Tampa, FL                      The Orpheum
WED 9/14            Tallahassee, FL              Club Downunder
THU 9/15              Atlanta, GA                   The Loft
FRI 9/16               Charlotte, NC                 Neighborhood Theatre
SAT 9/17              Baltimore, MD                Baltimore Sound Stage
MON 9/19             Pittsburgh, PA                Altar Bar (this will more than likely be in a different venue due to Altar’s closing)
TUE 9/20              Philadelphia, PA             TLA
FRI 10/21             New York, NY                 Irving Plaza
SAT 10/22            New York, NY                 Irving Plaza
SUN 10/23           Boston, MA                     House of Blues
TUE 10/25            Portland, ME                   Port City Music Hall
THU 10/27           Toronto, ON                     Opera House
FRI 10/28             Cleveland, OH                 Agora Ballroom
SAT 10/29            Columbus, OH                 Newport Music Hall
TUE 11/1              Detroit, MI                       Majestic
WED 11/2            Chicago, IL                      Concord
THU 11/3             Minneapolis, MN              First Avenue
FRI 11/4                Milwaukee, WI               The Rave II
SAT 11/5              Lawrence, KS                  Granada
SUN 11/6             Lincoln, NE                      Bourbon Theatre
TUE 11/8              Denver, CO                     Cervantes
WED 11/9            Salt Lake City, UT            Complex
THU 11/10           Boise, ID                          Knitting Factory
FRI 11/11             Seattle, WA                      Showbox
SAT 11/12            Vancouver, BC                  Rio Theatre
SUN 11/13           Portland, OR                     Roseland
TUE 11/15            Eugene, OR                     WOW Hall
WED 11/16          Redway, CA                     Mateel Community Center
FRI 11/18             San Diego, CA                 Soma
FRI 11/25             San Francisco, CA            Warfield
SAT 11/126          Los Angeles, CA                Fonda
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I’m the nigga came up cold 
All the shit they must atone
Let my enemies yell at me, hobby for the young bro 
It’s a tragedy when someone black as me get gold 
Time to slaughter, Street Fighter fist, that’s Nintendo 
Told my alma mater gotta send me money, Venmo 
Put us on map, don’t sleep siesta, man, blow
Jack won’t be no nigga serenading with a banjo 
Real reckless dude with a crew, carry ammo
Thought predicting winning would be something so taboo
But now I’m monkeying around with my brothers, baboons
Atlanta in Hollywood, it’s on schedule 
Chef in the bank, been eatin, check my dental
Plenty sugar, suite life, kicked it in the pent, ho 
My sheets all green, they don’t knit me a bando 
And a nice sweater, too fit, seen levels
Floating here, shining, I need me a drum roll
I’m too raw raw raw, I’m a villain, I’m a don 
Mask and cape, somebody ring the alarm
Wild boy boy boy, can’t tame me, nah
Started that flame, somebody ring the alarm
I’m the nigga, hit em quick, right hook, threw the fist,
All the leeches swimming with me getting no benefit 
In the dirty pond, fake homies won’t ever stick 
Hang with real players, my gamers control this shit
Did it for the Internet, choke a youngin by his neck
Hoping some bystanders lookin and filmin  it 
Another Atlanta nigga dead, killed by his best friend 
Said he changed on em, didn’t text back or DM
I’m the nigga represent, I’m your mans till the end
Raise up my kinfolk, take over, that’s the plan 
On a mission, 100 grand, sickness showing symptoms man
Rather be hurting than healthy and not a champ
Nigga I done  been the man, my pillow talk to the bands
Sleep real good when there’s dinner ready for my fam 
I ain’t fucking comfortable, running out, take a stand
Started that fire, I’m a hoodlum in gym pants
Stunt with all the things you got 
Ain’t gon put em in a box 
You ain’t never gon stop
Raise some funds, cop the stocks
Do it til they know your name on the block 
Til you respected, claim your right, you the king of the lot 
I’m Afro Caesar, mean I don’t play with you guys 
No lames in my chariot, no snakes in my ride 
Cruising for days tryna find me the pot 
Of gold, when I do imma feel like…