Miramar (Reviving Boleros with New Album) @ Shadyside Nursery June 26th

Sunday June 26th
@ Shadyside Nursery
510 Maryland Avenue 
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Doors 5pm // Adults $10
The group, aims to capture that poetry through their music. Using a somewhat traditional instrumentation that includes organ, piano, guitar, bass, percussion and an occasional string quartet the group’s arrangements distill the essence of the golden age of boleros while adding touches that reveal the band’s scope and diversity.
In Dedication to Sylvia Rexach:
Born in 1922 Rexach was a self-taught pianist and guitarist. Rexach eschewed the traditional path then available to women, and embraced the lifestyle of San Juan’s bohemia. She began to compose and write poetry in her teenage years and went on to form the first Puerto Rican all female band, Las Damiselas. She contributed a regular column to El Diario de Puerto Rico, wrote radio skits in which she also acted and was one of the founders of SPACEM, the Puerto Rican Society of Authors and Composers.