Indie Folk Band Watching for Foxes Debut New Single “Two Lovers”



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Los Angeles, CA – May 18, 2016 – Indie folk band Watching for Foxes are now premiering their new single “Two Lovers.” Fans can listen to the track at Songwriting Magazine or on the band’s official Soundcloud. “Two Lovers” is the first single off of Watching for Foxes’ debut full-length album Undone Bird, out June 10th.
“‘Two Lovers’ is a song about the internal pull between polar opposites,” singer Joey Frendo explained. “I found that when you are trying to find a way to love someone, when you are in a relationship, there are these two forces at odds with one and other. One is the undying urge to give everything you have to that other person, the part of you that would do anything for them. On the other hand, though, is the apprehensive side of ourselves that is selfish and broken and wounded; it will protect your own heart at all costs. I’ve found that in the relationships that populate my life these two dichotomous sides are often at war. ‘Two Lovers’ is a chronicle of this tug-of-war in my own personal life and how that strife often results in killing the thing that I set out to protect; we lose love and our own autonomy.”
Starting as a three-piece band, Watching for Foxes consisted of friends that grew up together in Fremont, MI rehearsing in a vacant high school. The band released 2 EP’s and started performing live in early 2014, touring the Midwest. Wanting to create a bigger sound live, they soon began looking for additional players. After going through some line-up changes, the band finally locked in their members and have been together ever since.
With the release of the upcoming full-length album, Undone Bird, Watching for Foxes brings new elements to a classic genre. Lush with beautiful progressions, a dynamic roots rock feel, and resounding choruses, the album boasts the aesthetic of indie folk anthems coupled with the ethereal angst of modern rock. Drawing heavily from an intoxicating mix of poetry, personal experience and Beat literature, the songs of Undone Bird are diverse and distinguishable. At its core stands a concept album delving into love and loss, transition and transcendence. Most importantly, the band never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from. Undone Bird is the band’s first release with their finalized full band line up.
Watching for Foxes is Joey Frendo (lead vocals), Geoffrey Kartes (cello/vocals), Conner Brogan (guitar/mandolin/trumpet/vocals), Jared Meeuwenberg (guitar), Cameron Barber (bass/banjo), Ricky Olmos (keyboard) and Bandon Hanes (drums).
Undone Bird Track Listing:
1.    Prelude
2.     Tentative (Pt. I)
3.     Tentaive (Pt. II)
4.     Two Lovers
5.     Undone Bird
6.     Bad Kids
7.     The Watchmen
8.     Questions (For A Man In Love)
9.     The Hunt – The Kill
10.  Ghost Dance
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