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Rotten World” is the second single from “Matt 15:14”, the new We’re All To Blame Ep, out on June the 6th: a powerful mix of different genres, from electro rock to experimental music, from noise to ambient

“Rotten World” represents what is happening nowadays in the world in front of everybody’s eyes. When you follow the masses, being emotionless to the horrors showed perpetually to us, committed by other human beings, when you’re willing to spill blood for a wrong cause which only leads to pain and death, and, furthermore, thinking there’s nothing wrong with it, you cannot claim to have a clean conscience, you are an executioner. The world goes downhill not only because of those committing the worst crimes, but above all because of those doing nothing, too lazy and coward to do something or try to change things.


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(Self – Release date: 06/06/2016)

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“Matt 15:14” represents a strong criticism towards politics, religion and, in a more general sense, those beliefs and habits which most of the time do not allow the individual to live with dignity, both with himself and the world surrounding him. It is an invitation to open our minds, to gain awareness of ourselves and the reality we live in, to admit our mistakes so to reinvent ourselves, just like Nietzschean man would do. It is above all a shout of protest towards anyone committing atrocities and tries to hide them behind cultural customs and tradition dogmas appearances.
It is the voice of those who stopped taking for granted that everything considered right and true is really so, of those who are tired of just watching without doing nothing and no longer want to be victims of a corrupted system, and of those who constantly ask themselves questions about the universe and existence.
In the end, it is an ecouragement for those fighting and sacrificing themselves for justice, for those who feel alone, in a world that doesn’t always go in the best direction, but still try in their own small way to make this planet – that since the dawn of time has given us so much, but from which we’re greedily taking more than we need – a place where each creature, from the biggest to the smallest, could live together in harmony.


Produced by We’re All To Blame



1. Break The Circle

2. Rotten World

3. Faithless

4. S.W.H.

Line Up

Erika Finessi – voice

Attimo Constantinov – keyboards

Andrea Zambonini – keyboards, baking vocals



Alternative Rock, Electronic // Ferrara (ITA)

We’re All To Blame (WAATB) is a mix of different genres, from electro rock to experimental music, from noise to ambient. The project started at the end of 2012 in Ferrara, Italy. During the years the band released an Ep, an album, two videos and several singles and remixes. The group also played at many festivals and clubs around Italy, opening for bands such as Colt Silvers (France) and I Monaci Del Surf (Italy).