Retro-Influenced French Metallers BlackRain Reveal New Music Video for “Killing Me”

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Last month, French retro-influenced metallers BlackRain unleashed their latest full-length UDR Music offering, Released. Now, the band is offering fans a look at their brand new music video for the track “Killing Me” – a track the band knew would be fit for a music video from the very start. Watch the video here via the UDR Music YouTube channel:
After spending over a month recording Released at Spitfire Studios in the Hollywood Hills with Aerosmith sound engineer Warren Huart and producer Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, The New York Dolls, John Lennon), the members ofBlackRain knew that out of all of the tracks, “Killing Me” needed to be shot for a music video. There was no question that the video should be filmed with the vast scenery of desert California as the backdrop.
Vocalist and guitarist Swan Hellion states,“Everybody felt something special about the song “Killing Me”.  It sounded a bit different than the rest of the album with those keyboards and double kick, and as we planned to make a video clip while in the States, we all decided to pick that song.  It was important for us to film something in California since we don’t have those beautiful landscapes and big open spaces in France.
We had only a few days left to spend in L.A., so we had to quickly plan the video shoot and also the photo shoot with Dean Karr. Matthieu De La Roche (our bass player) directed the whole thing and shot most of the video himself with the help of Delaney Ashley, who came to the set to fly his drone over the band!  It took the whole day to shoot and we actually stopped filming right before it started to rain!” 
Stay tuned for more coming soon from BlackRain!
About BlackRain:
Formed during 2006 in the French Alps and with four self-produced albums under their belts (not to mention numerous gigs in France, Europe and Japan) BlackRain know for a fact that 2016 is undoubtedly the most important year of their career to date. Free from past commitments, they now feel it’s time to “escape” to new horizons.
While remaining faithful to their roots and influences, BlackRain are a band in a state of perpetual evolution: never ceasing in their quest to climb each and every step of the long Rock ‘n’ Roll stairway… Released is theproof that the journey is well and truly under way, and the meticulous craft work behind Released reflects the stamina and capacity ofBlackRain to create something never really achieved by a rock act from France. We haven’t even started to discuss their exuberant, high-octane entertainment live show!
BlackRain is going to joyfully, loudly and gleefully saturate you with a thunderstorm of exciting, pulse-racing rock’n’roll… so get ready!
« BlackRain » (2007)
« License to Thrill » (2008)
« Lethal Dose of… » (2011)
« It Begins » (2013)
« Released » (2016)
BlackRain is:
Swan Hellion: Lead vocals, Guitars
Axel “Max 2” Charpentier: Lead guitars
Matthieu De La Roche: Bass
Frank Frusetta: Drums

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