Shooting The Rockstars by Matthias Hombauer : A Must Have Guide For Beginners

Since the popularity of the DSLR camera has made photography as a hobby a lot more attainable, the interest for music enthusiasts to shoot their favorite artists, and concerts in general, has skyrocketed.  Thus, the photo pit at many shows has become crowded with pro and amateur alike, all vying for that “money shot” to post in the local paper, personal blog, fan site, or maybe even get paid for publishing rights.  The road to enter that pit has many paths, but to really be successful and keep one’s status in the pit, there are many unwritten guidelines and strategies.  If only someone would help out with all the pitfalls that come along with wanting those lifetime experiences.  Luckily for those aspiring to become “rockstar photographers”, or even those well established, Mathias Hombauer, a world-renowned photographer, has come to the rescue.

I’m always skeptical of video courses and their content, having been burned many times before.  But, anyone who is any good at their craft is constantly looking for ways to improve their talent.  I’d come across Mr. Hombauer and his valuable advice a few years ago and since have followed his blog and his advice like a rockstar photographers bible.  Mathias has always been willing to share his story and his triumphs, as well as mistakes, for the good of the community.  The guy actually cares and is not just out to make a buck, which endeared me to him immediately.  Add to that the wealth of expertise he has on the subject and you get a win-win situation.

Even for myself, actually having found my way into the illustrious pit quite a few years ago, I find that there is much to learn.  Mathias was kind enough to give Pittsburgh Music Magazine a preview of his new video course so that we could look it over for our readers.  This is a must have for any beginner and without a doubt is a great addition to any pro’s library.  Here is what is included in this jam-packed course:

Week 1 – Module 1: BASICS 

Lecture 1: 5 Myths About Concert Photography Revealed
Lecture 2: The Mindset
Lecture 3: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO
Lecture 4: Gear For Beginners On a Budget
Lecture 5: Your First Concert
Lecture 6: Camera Settings For Starters
Lecture 7: During and After The Concert
Lecture 8: Building Your Portfolio

Lecture 1: The Photo Pass
Lecture 2: The Photo Pit
Lecture 3: Pro Gear Guide
Lecture 4: Camera Settings For Pros
Lecture 5: Advanced Autofocus Technique
Lecture 6: Composition
Lecture 7: Workflow/Post Production

Lecture 1: The Access All Area Pass
Lecture 2: Backstage
Lecture 3: On Stage
Lecture 4: The ‚Hands-On Experience‘ Technique
Lecture 5: On Tour
Lecture 6: What I Have Learnt: The 3 Success Factors

Lecture 1: Show Your Work
Lecture 2: The Must-Have Social Media Platforms
Lecture 3: 8 Facebook Marketing Tips
Lecture 4: The Must-Have Social Media Tools

Lecture 1: Music Business
Lecture 2: Music Contracts
Lecture 3: How To Make Money
Lecture 4: My Solution To Survive

Week 5 – BONUSES

It’s an amazing value and as stated before absolutely worth every penny.  I have personally looked at and studied each section and found myself picking up quite a bit.  If you are new to the hobby/profession or are aspiring to be involved like no one else can, I highly urge you to check this out. ‘Get Shooting The Rockstars Here’



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