An Open Letter to Drake: Rolling Stone Did The Right Thing

‘In a series of now-deleted tweets, Drake wrote: “RIP to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. All respect due. But the press is evil.” He added that he was “disgusted” because RS (Rolling Stone) “took my cover from me last minute and ran the issue.”’ (source:

Wow.  Really?  What kind of self important ass tweets this stuff out?  Oh yeah, the answer is Drake!  In today’s instant info society, yet ultra sensitive media and consumer, one should know better. Especially someone as big as an ultra mega-rapper/soul singer.  You would think that someone as big as Drake would have a handler or someone who actually does his tweets for him who ‘might’ have more brains than this.  But, alas, no.

What really should have ran if the greatest actor of our generation did not tragically die?  Not Drake.  It should have been Pete Seeger who affected more people and inspired more musicians than Drake ever will.  All respect due.  But the press is evil.  I’ve seen your live act, and while entertaining, it is nowhere near what Seeger did and what his music will continue to do.  His lyrics contain more in one verse than your entire catalogue.  Oh, but you should have gotten the cover. also reported, “that isn’t the only thing Drake is furious about. The magazine also made public a snippet of his interview, which Drake was under the impression was off-the-record, where he disses ‘Yeezus’: “There were some real questionable bars on [Yeezus]. Like that ‘Swaghili‘ line? Come on, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some sh*t like that,” he’s quoted as saying.”  Off-the-record, that’s funny.  How long have you been in the business?  There is not much that is off the record when it comes to talking to the press.  We turn a blind eye to the drugs, the women or men, and a lot of private stuff we see backstage or on the bus.  But generally what comes out of your mouth is fair game…especially when putting down others.  Especially when someone as big as ‘Yeezus’ (hard to write that without a snicker).

What it really comes down to is Drake needs to take a deep breath and put his career into perspective…and then control his mouth.  I know the whole rap thing has a lot of grandstanding and “dissing”, but anyone who has been in the business for the long haul has bypassed these things.  Control your words, control your career, plain and simple.