Introducing Mz.Trice: Rapper, Songwriter, and Actor

Patrice who goes by the stage name Mz.Trice is a rapper, songwriter, and actor born January 17,1992.  She begin rapping at the age of 13 and recorded her first three track demo at the age 14 with help from Oren Lumpkin, a promoter for Capital Records.  At the age 16 Trice started performing at teen clubs on the northwest and southeast of Houston, TX to build a buzz in her community.  At the age of 22 Trice is now working hard on her mixtape with various features from different Houston and Chi-Town artists.  Trice is also working on her seven song EP.  Trice is ready to take the industry by storm . Mz.Trice is on four indie radios and recently has been contributing to a magazine.  Check out her video for “Warning Sign”


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