The New Royales Share “Misdemeanor” (Foster Sylvers cover), Covers Mixtape Out Now

 “Misdemeanor” (Foster Sylvers Cover) MP3

Freedom’s For The Brave Out Now

“ …adding in big beats, subtracting the scuzzy guitars, smoothing out the chorus, and having Alcock give his best Jack-White-yelping impression.” – NYLON

“The New Royales’ diverse makeup … does add to the uniqueness of their sound but their musical boundaries are their own and there, there are no borders.”
– Ladygunn

“…a sticky indie edit of the old-school, feel-groovy joint.”  VIBE

The New Royales have a background as interesting as the music they create together. The band just released Freedom’s For The Brave: an album of covers featuring some of their various influences, including tracks by Depeche ModeThe White Stripes,Jefferson Airplane & more.

The band previously unveiled their interpretation of The Monks’ classic, “Drugs In My Pocket,” and their irresistible take on The White Stripes’ “Fell In Love With A Girl.”Today, they’ve unleashed their “polished, jaunty take” on Foster Sylvers’ 1973 classic,“Misdemeanor.” The MP3 premiered with PopMatters, and is available HERE.

The New Royales’ Liz Rodrigues recently lent her voice to Eminem’s latest hit, “Survival.” 2-time GRAMMY winning (4-time nominated) producer, DJ Khalil, has worked with the likes of Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Drake & Kendrick Lamar. In addition, DJ Khalil and Liz, along with Canadian multi-instrumentalists and vocalists Erik Alcock & Chin Injeti, have co-written with Pink on her 5 million albums sold, The Truth About Love, Pitbull’s Can’t Stop Me Now & Eminem‘s hit record Marshall Mathers LP 2 (“Survival”), which debuted at #1 on the iTunes album chart.

Hailing from separate parts of the world; Liz, Erik, Chin & DJ Khalil, The New Royales’ diverse makeup lends a hand in the uniqueness of their sound, pushing their own musical boundaries whilst still remaining a cohesive unit.

Their diverse backgrounds and unifying passion and respect for music has led to a sound that is eclectic and futuristic with a twist of the past.


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