Stream Morgan Delt’s Debut Album, Out Jan. 28

Draw the blinds and put your shades on because things could get weird. After sharing the irresistibly mind-warping tracks, “Beneath The Black And Purple,” and “Obstacle Eyes,” it’s time for the full Morgan Delt experience. You’re gonna see colors you’ve never seen before, taste tastes you’ve never tasted before, and hear things you’ve definitely never heard before. The songs on Morgan Delt’s debut album (out Jan. 28 on Trouble In Mind) were poured over with cosmic blood, sweat and tears. There are shards of Curt Boettcher, splinters of West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, feathers of The Byrds and pieces of Love. If you left The Flaming Lips and Thee Oh Sees in a test tube to duke it out, this is the mutated bundle of joy you’d get. Stereogum calls Morgan Delt’s debut an “elaborate psych compendium that will resonate with Zombies fans and people who wish Syd Barrett had never quit Pink Floyd.” Pitchfork proclaims, “It makes [you] want to cock [your] ear closer to the ground and listen harder.” See for yourself! It’s all happening over at Hype Machine.


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