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The Wild Family debut EP:Emerging indie folk rockers unveil a spellbinding, well-crafted EP that’s sure to please

Emerging indie folk rockers unveil a spellbinding, well-crafted EP that’s sure to please

At only 20 to 21-years-old, The Wild Family boys are generating a notably mature and effortless sound marked by soulful harmonies, poignant lyrics, and spotless instrumentals that sooth and entrance from start to finish. It’s the type of band worth rooting for; after playing music as kids growing up in the Chicago area, brothers Jake and Zack Schweitzer recruited extended-family members Graham Young and Kevin Koreman to complete the naturally talented group. They began writing songs in the dorms of Columbia College where The Wild Family was born, with Jake on vocals and guitar, Graham on lead guitar and vocals, Zack with backing vocals and bass guitar, and Kevin Koreman on drums. Five tracks later, The Wild Family has produced their debut self-titled EP to be released on February 4, 2014.

The opening song “Depths” is wistful and cathartic like a long walk on a vacant beach. The strength of each band member is evinced by soft, angelic vocals, a tight drum beat, and an electrifying guitar part which fades then builds unexpectedly. “White Shirt” will have you dancing for joy; it’s reminiscent of The Lumineers’ catchy tunes. Followed by “Gold,” then the haunting and memorable “Empty Promises,” and last, but certainly not least, the otherworldly “Granmarais,” this EP is a stellar introduction to a most promising young band.  I could easily continue to pile on the praise for The Wild Family, though I think once you listen you’ll know. Click the link below to check out their single “Empty Promises.”


And if you like what you hear, get ready for the band to tour the East Coast—Pittsburgh included—this upcoming summer. Can’t wait.


Written by: Valerie Wallach