Interview & Show Review:Butcher Babies Bring it back to the ‘Burg on Hellpop II

The Butcher Babies once again graced Pittsburgh with their brand of female fronted heavy metal mayhem on their trek with In This Moment’s Hellpop II Tour.  Always entertaining, never taking their rise for granted; Heidi, Carla, Henry, Chris, and Jason have been grinding it in promotion of their latest release “Goliath”.  And these girls and guys bring a ‘Goliath’ show every time.  Even if female vocals are not your metal cup-o-whiskey, you have to give kudos on the performance alone.  But, get past the negative naysayers who can’t get over the fact that they are misogynists and not true metalheads, and get to the fact that these girls have talent and the guys have the goods as well.

We were lucky enough to once again get to spend some time with Heidi and Carla on the Butcher RV just before their set.  Check out our interview where they talk to us about: TOURING WITH IN THIS MOMENT ON THE HELLPOP II TOUR, DEALING WITH HATERS, THE OLYMPICS, CARLA’S ART, HEIDI’S SEWING, CRAZY STUFF ON MAYHEM, SLIPKNOT NEWS, TOURING EUROPE, AND HITTING THE STUDIO…

The Butcher Babies hit the stage hard opening with “I Smell A Massacre” and never let up last night (1/15/14)  at Club Zoo in Pittsburgh.  Other standouts included “National Bloody Anthem”, “Mr. Slowdeath”, “Magnolia Blvd.” and “Axe Wound”.  The crowd was pretty insane with serious moshing and crowd surfing, totally eating up what the babies were serving.  Check out some of the scene below…

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