Review:Richie Aldente Band’s “Disco Baby” Like A Studio 54 Flashback

Endorsed by none other than Jason Mraz, Seattle’s Richie Aldente Band are redefining the sound of the Emerald City.  Like many of the best bands hip to the intelligent music consumer, RAB creates a fusion of dance beats, disco, yacht rock, and hip-hop to meld their own unique sound.  Richie’s debut, “For The Ladies” was a huge success and put them on the top of the heap in the Seattle club scene.  The video single of “Cougar Hunt” received 10K hits alone on YouTube.  Riding the wave of momentum, Aldente and his band hit the studio again to record “Disco Baby”, an 11 track party fest for your ears and your dancing soul filled with enough grooves to put you back in Studio 54.

Kicking off with “Take My Party Serious” the listener can easily visualize the scene unfolding, limbs grinding and glasses in the air.  The combination of opposing vocals works well here against the funk beat and sets the tone for  what is to follow.  “Lonely Dancer”  takes a shift into a more subtle dance beat that has shades of Joe Jackson era material and shows the diversity that Richie and his mates create.  But immediately that slower mix goes more to the contemporary pop-hip-hop mode with “Reverse Psychology”, a very eighties feel pop tune with some R&B peppered in and maybe some JT.    Other standouts on the LP include “Droptop” with the killer bassline and lyrics that take a shot at our technical age, the title track “Disco Baby” that starts a bit “Prince-esque” and then fades into more of Daft Punk’s “Lucky” vibe, and “1+2” that is definitely a full blown blast hitting the hips immediately, defying one not to dance… and if you don’t you have no funkin’ soul.

It comes down to this- the Richie Aldente Band is a fun-loving, hip swinging, dance jiving, genre blending, good time band that you will love to hear and see.  Check them out for yourself on their website and see what all the funk is about…

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  1. Richie Aldente also happens to be oine of the best live bands in Seattle. That’s saying a lot because Seattle is chock full of amazing bands!

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