Concert Review

Protest the Hero Gets Crazy at Mr. Smalls

The Canadian band Protest the Hero has just recently released a new album, “Volition,” and is actually about to finish up their first tour supporting the new album. During the last few shows of the tour, they stopped by Pittsburgh’s own Mr. Smalls in Millvale with supporting acts: the Kindred, Affiance, and the Contortionist.

It has been quite a while since they have played in Pittsburgh, so they made up for it with a spectacular show from start to finish. In typical Protest fashion, they had to have some odd, crazy intro before coming out onto the stage with their new drummer and temporary bass player replacement. Protest then jumped right into it after the intro with one of their newest songs “Underbite,” which got the crowd moving right off the bat. As soon as the first song ended, they jumped right into “Hair-Trigger” followed by one of their most difficult songs, “Sequoia Throne”. After that was a pause to switch out instruments as frontman Rody, talked to the crowd a bit and had some wise crack jokes for the crowd. One in particular was to make fun of everyone wearing a beanie because apparently in Canada they are called “toques”.

Anyway, back to the concert… Protest then started up with their first single off of “Volition,” which was “Clarity”. For the next few songs, Protest actually dug into some older songs to change it up and it was a nice little surprise for everyone, especially for the old school fans. Even at the half way point of the show, it still has not stopped! When they started up the song “Bloodmeat” and a couple songs after “Sex Tapes,” the crowd just went off the wall crazy. This became one of those shows where you never wanted it to end, literally! The encore song was even an awesome pick, finishing up with probably their biggest hit song “Blindfolds Aside”.

Protest the Hero was so impressive it was almost unimaginable. They have a lot of very quick, tight riff, technical songs that are always mind blowing to say the least. The fill-in players even pulled out all the stunts to grab everyone’s attention. On top of that, Rody was on the mark with his vocals and he was such a class act that night. If you have never seen Protest the Hero live… you should change that as soon as possible!


1. Underbite
2. Hair-Trigger
3. Sequoia Throne
4. Clarity
5. The Dissentience
6. Heretics & Killers
7. Bury the Hatchet
8. Mist
9. Bloodmeat
10. C’est la Vie
11. Sex Tapes
12. Tilting Against Windmills
13. Encore:
13. Blindfolds Aside