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Vanna: The Few And The Far Between Hit Pittsburgh

Maybe you missed them during The Warped Tour in 2012.  It’s easy enough to do with so many bands and a different schedule every day, featured or not.  I was one of those chumps who missed Vanna and missed out on discovering and enjoying their music earlier.  Hearing the buzz and ground-swell beneath this band, it’s amazing that these guys are not bigger than they are, but this will change.  These guys are too good to not be headlining because they ripping it up everywhere they go.

Having been working at this since 2004, Vanna have had time to truly hone their craft.  After their show in Pittsburgh, where they opened for Norma Jean, I spoke with lead singer (since 2009)  Davey Muise who is just the most passionate dude and incredibly infectious to speak with.  The way that Davey connected with the crowd was so inspiring, it reminded me of my good friends Stick To Your Guns.  Davey literally went down onto the floor and had the crowd gather amongst him and emphasized how ‘he was one of them and a misfit as well, that shows were one of the only places he feels like he fits in and un-judged just like them’.  And I was right there with him.

From the first chord I was with Vanna as well.  A powerful combo of hardcore and metalcore, but with letlive. and Rage Against The Machine punctuation of funk thrown in, topped off with some classic punk.  It was intense from start to finish just as the crowd expected and totally ‘got off on’.  With the backing of Razor and Tie and hitting the road with the likes of their brethren Norma Jean, Vanna needs to be on your radar now, and you don’t need to buy any vowels to figure it out.

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December 17th – Preying/Purging


“Preying” available NOW on iTunes:

We are constantly writing and jamming new ideas while at home and on the road. We had a collection of riffs and lyrics that we really wanted to put toward something, and the idea of self releasing a 7″ was born. We figured it was a cool way to put these songs out into the world and give them their own spotlight. Preying/Purging is a chance for us to try some cool directions out while progressing in the Vanna sound as well as give people some more songs to jam and hopefully enjoy.
Both these songs are personal and mean a lot to the band. Our hope is that you feel us on every level with these. If you don’t have a record player, go out and grab one at a second hand store or music shop, you’re missing out on some great music on vinyl.

-Davey Muise

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