The Attack “Old School” Punk Pittsburgh

“Who did this poster? I want to meet these guys.”  Well, they played the show tonight.  “What do you mean they played the show?”  The Attack, they were one of your openers.  Charlie and Brad- they made the poster.

And so this is how Charlie and Brad, owners of Enemy Ink and members of The Attack started a long relationship with The Misfits.  Opening for The Misfits in Pittsburgh December 8, 2013 and having been on tour throughout the fall into winter and many times before this, The Attack has a vast history not only with legends like Jerry Only, but a ton of other bands as well.  To get a really good primer on The Attack a great place to start would be to watch the recent trek they did on Record Store Day this Black Friday.  We sat down with guitar player Brad Palkevich, in the coolest custom traveling band van, to talk with him about that day and a lot of other things going on with The Attack.  Check it out here…

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The Attack are super cool, laid back, and very personable guys.  But don’t let that fool you.  Their stage show is punk intensity and fury at it’s finest.  What is so endearing about them is that it leaves the bullshit of many of today’s neo-punk posers behind and goes to the root of why many of us fell in love with the genre in the first place and exposes the younger generation to that sound at the same time.  With a sound that is reminiscent of 80’s founders like Black Flag, Minor Threat, and 7 seconds combined with elements of later influences like Dropkick Murphys, Bad Religion, and H20, The Attack have a purity that is rarely found these days, and it feels damn good.  If asked how the show was the response is quite simple, “it was fun!”  How often can one say that anymore from a show?

*Show highlight: The massive crowd sing-along to “Bad Moon Rising”.  No offense to LagWagon’s version (which is awesome), but this one has a different feel and was a bit more lighthearted, which gave it a Irish Bar drinking song feel that certainly sits well in this town.

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