I Killed the Prom Queen Release First Song in Six Years

It has been about six years since I Killed the Prom Queen released any new material, but all of that is about to change this upcoming year with their new album entitled “Beloved”. Hailing from Australia, the band has been through multiple breakups and has had a lot of bad times and lineup changes throughout the years; all of that was put aside, and in 2011 it was official that they were going to be a band once again. Only soon after that, it became official that they were going to be a full-time band again. This was said sometime last year when founding guitarist, Jona Weinhofen, decided to part ways with Bring Me the Horizon officially to fully focus on I Killed the Prom Queen. This was right before Bring Me the Horizon started recording their latest album “Sempiternal” which was released earlier this year.

I Killed the Prom Queen has toured quite a lot over the past couple of years supporting many bands such as: Asking Alexandria, Whitechapel, Parkway Drive, and festivals all across Europe. After having some very successful tours, it was time to start recording a new refreshing record, which is to be released February 18th in the USA through Epitaph Records (which the band recently signed to this year). The band has been constantly teasing everyone with all of their teaser videos on youtube, but just the other day, they finally released their first single off of the new record. The song is called “To The Wolves” and it kicks in with an old school sound for them with a heavy drum solo intro followed by some nasty guitar riffs. At the same time, it has a very catching beat to it which is hard to find in metal now with everyone trying to be as heavy as possible. Don’t let that confuse you though, this song still has its heavy chugging moments and breakdowns, but this band has always had something more to their music then just that. “To The Wolves” is an awesome jam song and I personally couldn’t be happier with it. Hopefully they release another song soon because everyone wants to hear more! Even though this record is being released early 2014, it is probably the most anticipated album of the year (for the metal scene that is).

If you haven’t checked their newest song out yet, “To The Wolves”, check it out right here!

And if you would like to pre-order their newest album, “Beloved”, set to release February 18th, order it right here!