Devin Townsend un-boxes ‘The Retinal Circus’ deluxe fan box

Last month, the DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT released The Retinal Circus, an epic recording of his sold-out show at the Roundhouse in London in 2012. A very special diehard deluxe fan box was created, and Devin himself has put together a video showing just what treasures can be found inside this unique release. Fans can watch that video here:



For a preview of The Retinal Circus, fans can watch the previously released DVD clips for “Kingdom“, “Grace“, and “War“.


Featuring a three hour plus performance that spans Devin Townsend’s entire career, The Retinal Circus includes a full choir and theatrical cast, visual and aural enhancements unlike any show Devin has done to date, several special guests, circus performances and more. To purchase The Retinal Circus, please visit iTunes for a digital copy or CM Distrofor a variety of physical formats.


Read on for a few reviews of this must-have Hevy Devy CD/DVD set!


“A thrilling blend of standard concert fare, visual theatre, and wild stage antics, its absurdity, ambition, and staggering showmanship make [‘The Retinal Circus’] an incredibly engaging experience.” — POP


“Anyone who is a fan of anything Devin Townsend should totally pick up ‘Retinal Circus’ in some form…” — METAL


“[‘The Retinal Circus’] showcases [Devin Townsend’s] passions, his theatricality, and, yes, his insane genius while being entirely playful and charming.” — BLOODY


“…a conceptual orgasm of the eyes.” —


“…I would certainly recommend that fans pick up this live album. If I could, I would have given ‘The Retinal Circus’ a 6/5…” — NEW NOISE


“‘The Retinal Circus’ is full of the energy and smart-ass antics Townsend has been giving to his live gigs since he began doing them again.” — HEAVY



Feb. 18-22–Progressive Nation At Sea 2014–Miami, FL


Devin Townsend online:


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