Baby Alpaca “Wild Child” video + new remix EP

“Wild Child” and “Sea of Dreams”  HERE
“…the first single, “Sea of Dreams,” an ethereal torch song that showcases Mr. Kittrell’s haunting KD-Lang-esque vocals, exploded on the Web.” – New York Times

“…I love the threat of a trance song lurking beneath such sleepy-eyed vocals…” – FADER

 “…Sea of Dreams, which channels The Smiths with it’s dreamy, light dada-rock production – think soft, romantic rock that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. His debut EP ranges from playful to emotional, but always leaves you impressed.“ – Disco Naïveté

“My dreams are never like Chris Kitrell’s “Sea of Dreams,” but I wish they were.” – NPR’s Bob Boilen
After releasing their critically acclaimed self-titled debut EP in June, Baby Alpaca has spent time in Los Angeles (opened for Best Coast) and recorded and played in Seattle, Portland, Chris’ hometown Cincinnati and their home in New York for the CMJ Festival. Today, Vice’s NOISEY premieres the “Wild Child” video HERE, directed by Brian Leckrone and Adrian Stucker in the outskirts of Palm Springs in between the Coachella weekends. The band is working on a full length album, but before that they’ll release a remix EP in December via Atlas Chair (date tbc).

Chris Kittrell explains the video to Noisey: “A few years ago I spent a week in the Sahara desert. Being only with the sand and sky gave me a clarity that I’d never experienced before. In conceptualizing the video for “Wild Child,” I found surrealism was the best way to emulate the feeling that I had in the Sahara. The video has been a collaboration and project of love with friends and fellow artists: Brian Leckrone and Adrian Stucker executed the shoot on the outskirts of Palm Springs, while artist and special effects genius Aaron Maurer handled all the post-production magic. “

When trying to identify the music made by NYC band Baby Alpaca, it’s perhaps easier to try and figure out what the music is NOT. Judging by the music on the band’s first proper EP, it’s easy to say that this is definitely not your standard indie rock fare: an autoharp is involved, as well as both live and programmed beats and a smattering of guitars. The music eschews any musical tropes typically assigned to wispy bedroom electronica, beardy folk music, or the new wave of alternative R&B, but it could perhaps exist as a distant cousin to all of those things. Buoyed aloft by the winsome vocals of front man Chris Kittrell and shaped by the guitar styling of Zach McMillan, Baby Alpaca make music that is both romantic, vaguely tropical, and sufficiently futuristic—music that seems born of a million dramatic road trips that might provide a suitable soundtrack for a million more.

The four songs on the Baby Alpaca EP make for a striking, remarkably blissed-out statement of intent. The EP’s first single, “Sea of Dreams” (whose Dada-esque video premiered earlier this year via is as fitting an introduction as any band could hope to have: all echo-chamber vocals that seem to be haunted by reverby guitar lines and gently-played piano notes that drift through the song like ghosts. Tracks like “Wild Child” and “On The Roam” evoke a palpable sense of modern restlessness, something that permeates all of Baby Alpaca’s music. It’s a feeling that Kittrell attributes to his own meandering youth—a time spent experimenting, studying, travelling, and trying to locate his own creative voice.

“A lot of this music is about running way,” explains Kittrell, “I don’t mean that in a escapist kind of way, but more in terms of exploration. So much of my life has been about running away from tradition and traditional ways of thinking, which seeps into the music we make together. It’s about discovery. It’s not so much about running away from something bad, but rather running towards something really beautiful.”

“Sea of Dreams” (Turbotito Remix) HERE
“Wild Child” (Shaun J. Wright & Alinka Twirl Remix) HERE
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