Halloween Havok with Death Angel, Battlecross, 3 Inches of Blood, Diamond Plate, and Revocation: Pix and Interviews

A Dark, rainy, and dreary Halloween night in Pittsburgh, PA.  The historic Strip District was once again packed with headbangers, some dressed for the holiday, gathering for a spectacular line-up of metal a The Altar Bar.  Even though the weather was gloomy it truly was a perfect setting for an evening of thrash metal at it’s finest with a cast of characters that to an outsider would seem as all the same, but the crew here knew that the idiosyncrasies between each band made their uniqueness miles apart.  This was going to be good.

Personally, I was pretty pumped to see Death Angel.  I could not believe that I had never seen these guys live despite the fact that I jumped on their bandwagon in my senior year of high school in 1987 when all the buzz was going on about these young kids who were my age and making waves.  I really loved their second release “Frolic” and their cover of Kiss’ “Cold Gin” and their U2 (of all things) influenced “Bored”.  Even though Rob Cavestany is the only original member left, Mark’s been around since ’84 and Ted since 2001 have been.  They are all still metal to the core, and they totally were everything I could ever expect and more.  (Listen to Mark’s interview with us a few weeks before the show here).  The new material from The Dream Calls For Blood sounded excellent live and it was such a cool vibe to be seeing the show on Halloween with all in costume and just destroying the crowd who were eating up every moment.

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I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen Battlecross every time they have been in Pittsburgh ever since they came here for the Trespass America Tour at Stage AE and blew everyone away.  I got to talking with them that day and this site has in many ways grown with them. Each time when they return and we meet back up it’s like catching up with old friends.  So, while you may cry bias to a review, I must say they improve each time I see the band.  Their stage presence and tightness is getting better and better.  The new material from War of Will is damn good live and the crowd went absolutely crazy with every song, fists pumping, singing along, and moshing madly- my bias notwithstanding.  Listen here for an exclusive interview with Hiran (guitar) for all that is happening with Battlecross…



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Diamond Plate opened the show and as such you would expect a low crowd turn out or possibly less enthusiasm.  Not so tonight.  Diamond Plate has been doing things their way since their inception in 2004 when they were in high school.  Continuing to kill it on the road and work it ‘old school’, these guys are genuine metal and Pittsburgh absolutely loves them.  With solid tunes from their second effort “Pulse” and vocalist Matt Ares adding new dimensions, one cannot help but get swept up into the infectious energy of the band.   Check out this video interview as we hopped onto Diamond Plate’s RV to discuss “Pulse” and all that has been happening in their corner…

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Matt enjoys the trappings of fame...
Matt enjoys the trappings of fame…

3 Inches of Blood from Canada were definitely a special treat as they hit the stage all made up in their Halloween outfits and playing a more 70’s tinged metal.  Cam Pipes was awesome with his high pitched wail and menacing presence, made even more menacing dressed as a bloody ghoulish priest.  Opening up with “Leather Lord” from Long Live Heavy Metal was brilliant and the perfect way to set the tone.  If the crowd had not done so already, let the merch table be raided and the downloading begin because these guys are awesome and just pure fun for metal fans.

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Tony Clifton makes an apperance...
Tony Clifton makes an apperance…


Revocation is one of those bands that is just so full of talent it’s hard to believe.  They are really doing unique stuff when a lot of so called metal bands are just rehashing and copying our heroes.  The Boston boys may not have brought the banjo tonight, but they were dead on and displayed their blend of technical and thrash metal with wild abandon.  They pull off some very difficult tunes live brilliantly and with great stage presence giving the fans exactly what they pay for and more.  Revocation is a band that has to be caught live to truly appreciate how good they really are and make sure you chat them up at the merch booth because they are super cool guys as well.

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