Katatonia: The Dead End Kings Rule Over Pittsburgh

How does one describe Katatonia to the uninitiated?  The first time I saw the guys I had not even heard them yet, having been introduced to them by the guys in Paradise Lost and Devin Townsend.  I had no idea who they were and I would like to think I have a very vast knowledge of metal.  How humbled and wrong was I on those opening notes when they came out last year at Mr. Smalls?  You have no idea.  And so when Katatonia was due to return again this year this year in Pittsburgh’s Millvale section, I knew I had to be there again to cover the sound that many would describe as the pre-cursor to doom metal.  But that description falls so short.

In Gregory Burkhart’s review of Katatonia’s new release “Dethroned and Uncrowned” he speaks of their music genre as “sorrowful metal” and I would say that is about as dead on of a description as one can get.  Burkhart’s review goes on to delve into how Gothic the work is.  I would have to agree that Katatonia would be the perfect Poe soundtrack (take note filmmakers) and that there is a certain ambiance that is created in their textured sonic symphony.  If this sounds like your cup of tea you really missed out on a stellar show the other night.  Katatonia  is a version of ‘chill metal’ that has masterful musicianship along with haunting vocals and a pure performance that leaves one with goosebumps in their ability to pull it off to perfection.  They have their own little niche which has not truly been replicated by other bands with the same precision.  Their show at Mr. Smalls went to prove that once again as the boys from Sweden showed why they truly are the kings of “moody, melodic metal”…dead end or not. (set list below)

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Set List 9/26/2013 Mr. Smalls Millvale (Pittsburgh)



In The White


My Twin


Quiet World

Undo You



Dissolving Bonds


Soils Song



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