Kids record stunning cover of Tool song (from

Ohio music students’ performance of “Forty Six & 2” goes viral

Kids record a Pantera song. A girl shreds “Eruption” flawlessly. Another girl’s dad helps her make a cute hardcore song. A brother and sister make an ungodly racket on a reality show.

Such viral videos are a dime a dozen, with some endearing – until you find out the parents wasted no time making merch to hawk online – some amusing, and more often than not, nowhere near the novelty that people make it out to be. The fact is, kids are becoming more technically proficient musicians at younger and younger ages, so much so that it’s scary. But as accurately as they can play note-for-note transcriptions, whither the soul, the attention to detail, the restraint that makes a song a song?

Ohio music teacher Aaron O’Keefe knows a thing or two about teaching that valuable lesson, and his group of students have posted an incredible video performance of Tool’s classic song “Forty Six & 2”, in which all musicians understand the nuances of the song, performing it with accuracy, but most importantly, passion and soul. The singer’s voice is chilling. Watch the clip below, and prepare to be wowed.

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