Dangerkids debut album “Collapse” promises to blow minds.

Collapse, the debut album from the dynamite Ohio based band “Dangerkids”, is promised to blow your mind. With their rap/rock Linkin Park sound, they take the style to the next level by giving the listener a fresh new take at what rock is becoming.

After seeing Dangerkids live on the “Fuck It We’re Done” tour with Attack Attack, the Plot in You, and Get Scared, I have been anxiously anticipating the release of this album and I couldn’t be happier with it. Initially upon hearing this band for the first time I was (like everyone else in the crowd) skeptical, but two songs into their set I was in love. With two strong and captivating male leads and an extremely impressive female drummer this band is not only captivating musically but visually as well. What compelled me the most about this album is that not only does Dangerkids put out heavy songs (like “Countdown” and “We’re all in Danger”) that would get any crowd going; But they also throw out meaningful lyrics for fans to connect with (most noticeable in the songs “Unmade” and “Destroy yourself”). After hearing the few singles that Dangerkids has put out prior to the release I wondered what else they could possibly do with the record. Well let me be the first to tell you that they have outdone themselves. This is a must have album for any fan of Linkin Park or Abandon all Ships.

Dangerkids posted on their Facebook the day of the release and said “Today is a big one for us. A little over a year ago we had an idea: how neat would it be to create a band that brought everything we love about music together. We knew we wanted it to be aggressive and inspiring — honest and sharp. We wanted to stir the emotions the way our favorite bands had done for us. We wanted to create music that could take you places.” And they have.

Track List

1. Countdown
2. Light escapes
3. Hostage
4. We’re all in danger
5. Waking up
6. Destroy yourself
7. Unmade
8. Where the sky breaks
9. Paper thin
10. Fractions
11. Dust
12. Cut me out

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