Reggie And The Full Effect To Release New Album, “No Country For Old Musicians”

Thousands of fans stood in the pouring rain at last week’s Riot Fest in Chicago to see the first show in 5 years from Reggie And The Full Effect, the band created by musical mastermind James Dewees. Some of those fans most likely contributed to his successfully funded Kickstarter campaign which sent James into the studio to create his first new album in over half a decade.  Dewees partnered with Pure Noise Records for the upcoming release of his newest LP, No Country For Old Musicians, out November 19th. Reggie is best known as the keyboardist for The Get Up Kids, but has been involved in writing and touring with both New Found Glory and My Chemical Romance. After taking a break from the music scene, he was inspired by the outpour of support from fans to enter the studio and make another album.

James recorded No Country For Old Musicians at Black Lodge Recording studios in Eudora, Kansas. NCFOM was the last album to ever be recorded there. Many friends he has made over the years including, Frank Iero, Adam Lazzara, Allison Weiss and Sean Ingram joined him to lend guest vocals on the album and Ray Toro joined to play guitar on two tracks.

“Writing and recording Reggie And The Full Effect for me is like finding your best friends again after years of being away and being able to pick up right where you left off…and they brought snacks” says Dewees. It felt natural for him to enter the studio once he saw and felt the support from fans on his Kickstarter. One fan called James the “Emo Jimmy Buffett ” and he loved that. The fan felt James had reached that status as a musician since he has been in the scene for 20+ years and has been involved in 40+ projects that have been released. From working with musicians from Napalm Death and Slipknot to Biffy Clyro and My Chemical Romance, he never takes himself too seriously. He has been called a “Musicians Muscian” and “Your favorite bands, favorite band.” He writes songs about food and fun and every Reggie and the Full Effect show is a celebration.

On joining forces with Pure Noise Records – Dewees comments, “Partnering with Pure Noise was the right thing to do for Reggie. Owner Jake Round and I have a lot of the same ideas about independent music. He runs a small but very tight ship with Pure Noise, like I do with Reggie and I love that about us both. His dedication to the artists he puts out is amazing, and as a musician that’s exactly what I was looking for to help me with NCFOM. “

Fans will be able to catch Reggie And The Full Effect on tour early 2014, where many of the alter ego’s, FluxuationCommon Denominator and most recently, Floppy Disk-O, his DJ/MC persona who appears on the song “Who Needs Another Drank,” come alive.

No Country For Old Musicians Track Listing:

  1. Introduction
  2. Super Croc VS. Mega Doosh
  3. 37
  4. Fowlin’ Around
  5. Revenge is a dish best served at Park Chan-Wook’s
  6. Guerrera
  7. Gimme back my leg
  8. Robo Fonzie meets Frank
  9. Who needs another drank featuring Floppy disk-0
  10. Sundae, booty sundae featuring Fluxuation
  11. Kanji tattoos still in style
  12. We make a breakfast
  13. To the Fruit Wizards of Donnington
  14. DMV featuring Common Denominator
  15. Disregard
  16. Danka Shane

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