Seeker Will Not Remain “Unloved” For Long (an interview with Bryce Lucien)

The end of muted metal has arrived in the form of one of Victory’s latest signings, Texas death metal band, SEEKER. Forming from the remnants of various metal bands in the area,SEEKER officially began in the fall of 2011, destroying local venues with their impossibly quick solos and bone-crushing drums. Garnering a loyal following of avid metalheads along the way, SEEKER has been on the road ever since, silencing naysayers with one swift sweeping of chords. Providing an in-your-face delivery to fans each performance, SEEKER is the auditory Malitov Cocktail for today’s metal scene. Having caught the attention of prominent metal publications Alternative PressLambgoatMetal Insider and more, SEEKER’s path is on an upward trajectory, set to surpass their competition with ease. Wrapping up the production of their upcoming label-debut album which is set for release in October, the guys of SEEKER refuse to rest.

Pittsburgh Music Magazine caught up with vocalist Bryce Lucien to talk to him about the true essence of Seeker and what they have going on…

You guys operate under the mantra, “Art, community, and aggressive non-conformity above all else”.  Can you speak more to why that is so important to the band and how you live that by example?

It’s really just a statement of priorities. We created this band with nothing but absolute freedom of expression in mind. We have all been playing music for a long time, and we hit a point where we realized that art isn’t worth creating unless it’s coming from a deeply personal and honest place. We push ourselves to create music with that in mind, and not trends, or whether our band will sell. We still have a long way to go, but I feel like we’re getting there. As far as community goes, we feel extremely fortunate to have met so many like-minded artists, musicians, promoters, etc and we value these friendships as much as we do the band. We’ve never really been a part of any sort of “scene”, so we had to create our own. Supporting our friends and being an active part of our music community is huge for us.

Can you give us some details about your label debut and what distinguishes your sound from other releases?

We have a new album called Unloved coming out October, 29th on Victory Records. I’m very excited about this release. We really pushed ourselves to experiment and do exactly what we wanted to do with this release. We weren’t actively trying to sound like anyone else or appeal to a certain group of people. That’s really nothing new at all. Pretty much all of our favorite bands operate like that, but it’s something that I think is kind of lost on a lot of bands our age.

Some of your lyrics are pretty intense and seem deeply personal.  Where do you draw inspiration from and what is the writing process typically like?

Our lyrics are ridiculously personal. I’m really bad at removing myself from what I’m talking about in my lyrics, so things tend to get pretty dark during the writing process. The heaviest period of writing was between March and early July of this year and I was pretty miserable to be around the entire time. I don’t feel like you can honestly write music like we do without going to a place full of intense emotional extremes. Inspiration lyrically just comes from life. It would be fairly easy for anyone who knows me to figure out what I’m talking about in our songs.

Your band seems to demand to have freedom in their creation.  How did you arrive at the decision to sign with Victory?

We do demand total freedom, and the thing that we love the most about Victory is that they’re open to that. They’re just as excited to go on this journey and see where things go as we are. They give us freedom to be exactly the band that we want to be. They’re extremely forward thinking and still incredibly passionate about releasing music, and that’s why we decided to go with them.

Honestly, when we would talk about labels that we might like to work with Victory never even came up. We never thought of them as an option, because while we were growing up they were always the label with the gigantic bands so for them to not only want us, but also give us the incredible amount of freedom that they have is huge. We’re extremely happy and extremely grateful. 

You had a tour this fall with KING CONQUER, BETRAYAL, AEGAEON.  What are some dream bands you would love to tour with?

We actually just got off the King Conquer, Betrayal, Aegaeon tour and it was amazing. I would love a chance to tour with Chelsea Wolfe, Watain, True Widow, Nails, Deafheaven, King Dude, Retox, Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan, Sunn O))), Rotten Sound, This Will Destroy You… There’s way too many to list. I would literally eat a car to tour with Chelsea Wolfe.

Can you give us some scoop as to what you have coming up this winter?

We leave for a tour with The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Deserters, and Kublai Khan in a few days. After that we’re home for a couple weeks and then we’ll be right back out on a tour that we’re going to be announcing soon. Look for us on the road all winter. We’re way more comfortable in a live setting so we try to stay on the road constantly.

With Seeker’s work ethic and profound ethos it is no doubt that you will be hearing much more from these guys…just remember where you heard it first.