Amy Rose: The Canadian Country Crooning “Redneck Diva”

“Part down-home country girl, part sophisticated musical veteran, Amy Rose has already earned a reputation for being one of Ontario, Canada’s best-known secrets,” says Amy Rose’s bio on her website.  In short she is an Independent Country Music Association award winner, as well as an Ontario Country Music Association award nominee.  Her single, “I Just Want You To Know” hit #9 on the New Music Weekly country chart, and #85 on the Music Row chart.  Her new single, “Party Like a Redneck” is currently climbing both charts (#26, #116), and Amy recently performed at CMA Fest as well as opened for Big and Rich.  Pretty impressive stuff.

Amy Rose grew up in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, where she began her singing career at the age of 5.  Her first public performance was in a singing contest at the Barrie Promenade Days, a local fair.  A series of singing competitions followed, including her most memorable early moment: “It was at the Kinmount Fair,” Amy recalls.  “I had been the winner for the previous three years, when I was lucky enough to meet one of my local heroes, Jason McCoy (2001 CCMA Best Male Artist.)”  It was also during this period that Amy was trained in, and mastered the art of yodeling, earning her the respect of Ontario’s country music community.

Amy’s first album, One Special Girl, was released independently, when she was 13.  On the strength of this album, she landed a spot on Dorian Baxter’s Gospelenium Tour, opening for Joni and Cathy Twitty, the daughters of her then-idol, Conway Twitty.

Pittsburgh Music Magazine caught up with Amy recently to see what she has been up to since partying like a redneck with Big and Rich…

What is the country scene like in Ontario and Canada in general?

I think country music has evolved worldwide and has become this big trend… Meaning country music is bigger then its ever been and its getting bigger by the day and us Canadian’s are no exception, we sure do love our country music here!!!

How was your experience recording in Nashville? (Recorded at Sony Tree Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, “I Just Want You To Know” was the first single from Amy’s forthcoming third album, The Beginning).

Recording in Nashville was a dream come true for me!!! 🙂

How did you get into singing at such a young age?
I was five years old when I sang for the first time on stage and from that moment on I was hooked…

How difficult is it to balance your career and family?
It definitely has its moments but it comes with the territory… My kids are my biggest inspiration and I think the hardest part of all this is having to leaving them to travel but they understand that Mommy is following her dreams… Also I had to promise my 12 year old that if I hit the big time I would introduce her to Justin Bieber… LoL

What is it about Dolly Parton that you love so much?
Aside from the fact that she is such a talented singer, songwriter & entertainer , she also is one funny chick and isn’t afraid to speak her mind… (I adore her!!!)

What was it like opening for Big and Rich?
Absolutely freakin AMAZING!!! I am huge fan of Big & Rich, so to open up for them was mind boggling enough but then to add the approx 10,000.00 people who were there for the show was probably one of the most overwhelming and exciting experiences ever… It’s funny because I had a chance to talk with Big Kenny backstage and I must say the whole time I was completely star struck and then he hugged me and I was like wow this is really gonna happen eh… LoL It was great to be apart of such a fun show and I have to give a great big THANK YOU to Music In The Fields for having me…

How important is chart recognition to you?
Hmmmmmm It’s a great feeling, don’t get me wrong but at the end of the day I just love making music and receiving the support that I have been blessed with from my incredible fans is enough to put a smile on my face… (However having the chart recognition is totally AWESOME!!!)

As one can tell, Amy is incredibly grounded and talented.  A  winning combination in our book.  In the Summer of 2010, Amy began working with After Tuesday Productions, best known for their recent #1 iTunes album by Derek James Tilley.  Earning Amy comparisons to contemporaries like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, “I Just Want You To  Know” and “(Redneck Reunion) Party Like A Redneck” are just a preview of what lies ahead for this burgeoning vocal superstar.