Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Sean-Toure’ Remix) | Video

Artist: Sean-Toure’ & Todd “Big La” Kelley

Genre: R&B, Hip Hop

Location: Baltimore, MD

Video: “Rock With You (Sean Toure’ Remix)” : https://vimeo.com/73192346




About the Video:

The prolific Maryland Producer/Emcee Sean-Toure’ (Soundchanneler) and the multi-talented Cali representative Todd “Big La Kelley” are full of surprises these days!

They’ve teamed up to release one of the most innovative music/video projects of the year called “The Sean-Toure’ Remix Video Project Volume II”.

The 1st “Sean-Toure’ Remix Project” was released in 2010 to excellent reviews. Sean and Todd have teamed up this time to remix the songs and videos of some of the best artist in the industry today. College radio has been buzzing as the duo kicked the project off with the release of a remix music video of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” produced by Sean-Toure’. The lead single debuted during the week of the King of Pop’s birthday.

Todd and Sean will be releasing a new remix and re-edited video every week for the next 3 months. It’s a free downloadable project featuring Jill Scott, J. Dilla, Talib Kweli, Kendrick Lamar, yU, D’Angelo, and many others.

Volume II will be available on Tuesday, October 29th atwww.seantoure.bandcamp.com. A free download of Volume I is available now atwww.seantoure.bandcamp.com. You can view all of the videos athttp://toddkelley.net/; subscribe to seantourethames on YOUTUBE and Vimeo, or Todd “Big La” Kelley at on YOUTUBE and Vimeo.



About Sean-Toure’

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Sean-Toure’ Thames proves that the city has more to offer than “The Wire”. Sean has quickly developed a reputation as one of underground Hip Hop’s best performers/producer/emcees. Since his first stage performance in 1991, Sean has opened shows for some of Hip Hop’s greatest recording artists of all time such as A Tribe Called Quest, KRS One, Nas, Mos Def, The Fugees, GangStarr and many others. In January of 2011 and 2012 Sean was mentioned in SPIN and Source Magazine as one of Hip Hop’s best independent artist in the world today.

In the past 3 years, Sean-Toure’ has lent his production skills to several musical genres. His critically acclaimed remix album, “The Sean-Toure’ Remix Project” featuring authorized and unauthorized remixes he’s produced for 50 Cent, Little Brother, J. Dilla, Michael Jackson, and more was called one of the best albums of the year by Baltimore’s City Paper.

Sean also did production on two of Jazz and Gospel Flutist Delandria Mills’ projects “Epetha” (Gospel 2010) and “Be Happy” (Jazz 2011), and Vocalist J. Soul’s “Black Sinatra” (Soul and R&B 2011).

After signing a distribution deal with world-renowned and legendary record label Fat Beats NYC/LA and Foundation Media NYC, his highly anticipated solo album, “SoundChanneler, the Invisible man” was released with critical acclaim and international recognition on his imprint (Rosachi Music Group) in 2011. Hip Hop Legend Chief Rocker Busy Bee called the Sound Channeler album , “One of the best album’s I’ve heard since Little Brother’s Listening. I’m taking this joint to DJ Marley Marl as soon as it drops!”

Sean also has found success with his nostalgic single, “A Day in the Life” featuring world renowned Producer/Emcee Kev Brown of the Low Budget Crew and Ab Rock. “A Day in the Life” went to #1 on the Rap Attack Lives and Rap Network Record Breaker charts. The Maryland emcees rap over top-notch sample and instrument based- production produced by Sean. On the boom bap sounds of “A Day in the Life” the 2010 Baltimore Scene’s Music Producer of the Year and his peers trade blue collar lyrics over pianos with live bouncy baselines reminiscent of J. Dilla. In the fashion of classic hip hop records, Sean treated his fans to an “A” side and “B” side release! .

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