Breathe Owl Breathe Announces New Album, Passage Of Pegasus, Out 10/15





Breathe Owl Breathe, the trio comprised of Micah MiddaughAndréa Moreno-Bealsand Trevor Hobbs, will self-release their new album, Passage Of Pegasus, on October 15, 2013. Earlier today, Paste premiered standout track, “Silent Movie Reel,” fromPassage of Pegasus. It’s been nearly a decade since Breathe Owl Breathe began making music in a remote cabin tucked away in a Northern Michigan river valley. Crafted over a two-year period in various homes and studios between the West Coast and Midwest,Passage of Pegasus, their sixth album and follow-up to 2010’s Magic Central, marks an evolution. The songwriting has grown and the compositions are more textured. Each song is like a little diorama, constructed with engaging imagery, beautiful harmonies and affectional instrumentation. For the first time ever, Breathe Owl Breathe employed contributions from artists such as Michael Hurley, Jim Becker (Califone, Iron & Wine)Victoria WilliamsKyle Field (Little Wings) and Eric D. Johnson (Fruit Bats, The Shins), who produced the album.


The stories and sentiments on Passage of Pegasus feel like a peek into the personal folklore of frontman and lyricist Micah Middaugh, whose broken baritone delivers each line with heart-on-sleeve sincerity. Throughout the album, characters swoop in and out as they navigate a range of emotional and physical landscapes that come alive with cellist Andréa Moreno-Beals’ brilliant string arrangements and the sensitive work of percussionist and keyboardist Trevor Hobbs.


Passage of Pegasus looks and feels as handmade as possible – each album cover is a unique, individually numbered piece of art, pressed with handset type and copper-block images crafted by Micah. Two Michigan printing luminaries, Chad Pastonik of Deepwoods Press and George Wietor of Issue Press, both oriented toward different printmaking aesthetics, also lent their hands to bring Micah’s artistic perspective to fruition.Listen to “Silent Movie Reel,” premiered today on Paste Magazine.



1. Vision Quest

2. Silent Movie Reel

3. Hologram

4. Ferns Move

5. Cliff Ledge

6. Explorer

7. Sandstone

8. Wave Face

9. Followin’ Ya

10. Two Moths


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