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Klassik – “What Do I Know” (Feat. B~Free)

With the first anniversary of his critically-acclaimed debut LP In The Making rapidly approaching, Klassik delivers the first sounds from his upcoming EP YRP (Young Rising Phenom) entitled “What Do I Know?”, featuring multi-instrumentalist and soul-songstress B~Free.

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Originally released as part of the motion picture soundtrack and opening title theme of “Role Play”, a film directed by Rubin Whitmore III in January 2013, the undeniable groove is receiving new life as part of the new EP from Radio Milwaukee’s 2012 Solo Artist of the Year.  Heavy on funk but light on the mood, “What Do I Know?” questions relationship roles and the dreams we sell, or fall short of, to maintain those roles.  With the help of B~Free’s heavenly, light harmonies in the mix, and a bright, jazzy flute solo in the outro, Klassik continues to find a way to turn the harsh realities of this world into a luscious musical escape; because with so many uncertainties in this world, what do we really know?

We know Klassik will keep the melodies pumping, your feet (and mind) moving, and your musical pallets satisfied when YRP drops this Fall. See Klassik perform this new song and other new music on September 6th with Chicago artist Show You Suck and Midwest trio RAGELIFE at the Stonefly Brewery in Milwaukee, WI.