Ultra smooth, filthy groove of Moonstone Continuum: Salon Edition, coming September on Totally Gross National Product

Totally Gross National Product is excited to announce its next release, a full-length collection of impeccably groovy, suave rock executed and written with tasteful precision and incredible musicianship. The album is from the 6-piece band Moonstone Continuum, who have dubbed this phase of their ever-changing, always inventive musical journey as Moonstone Continuum: Salon Edition. The album will be available digitally onSeptember 3rd, and in stores September 17th.

Visit to sample the first taste, entitled Smooth Odyssey.

Moonstone Continuum is a monstrously talented band; yet, their instrumental wizardry would mean very little if not for their unbridled chemistry and their ability to craft a song while still flexing their impeccable chops.  Their first album was a collection of duel guitar-driven Prog-groove songs that took listeners on an action-packed adventure from start to finish. But the bounds of a rock were too narrow for these creatives, so they expanded their scope into an entire religion known as Lunarianism, complete with sermons and scriptures.

While the marketing lessons of pedaling a morally dubious faith continue to inform how Moonstone Continuum relates to the citizenry, the band has replaced the divisive trappings of folk religionism with the burnt-down cool of Miami’s golden years. In its incarnation as Moonstone Continuum: Salon Edition, the band provides all the pomp and glitz of Biscayne Boulevard, but with a mouthful of filth washed into the gutter after a seething tropical rain. The band let go of their rock and roll chains, shed their need to shred, and focused on the groove. And like the smooth leather of a well worn penny loafer, Moonstone Continuum: Salon Edition grooves like no other.


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