Born of Osiris Release Tomorrow We Die ∆live

The long awaited Born of Osiris album has finally hit the shelves. Ever since the band released their first single for this anticipated album, it became a highly anticipated album. M∆chine gave us only a little bit of what was to come. Mainly because it was the opening track on the album so who knows what we could expect after that. As soon as M∆chine ended it jumps straight into Divergency which ended becoming the second single on this album. BOO has become very fond of the synth machine being involved with their music and they love having very close knit riffs combined with the double bass matching it exactly. M∆chine and Divergency are great examples of that. A song that caught my attention was called ∆eon III because it had what sounded like it had an India/Egyptian music style influence behind it with the synth machine. Adding in the heavy guitar riffs and double bass was an odd mix at first but it flowed very well because it went into a more technical upbeat song. On this entire album, I fell in love with two songs that I have listened to countless times already; they are Exhil∆r∆te and Illusionist. Exhil∆r∆te actually incorporated some clean vocals to give you a different feel for the album but it also reminds you of their past album The Discovery a lot. Then we have the song Illusionist which is just filled with insanity. When the song kicks in, the double bass just takes off and doesn’t stop. Then all of a sudden you start hearing the guitarists pulling out some pretty fast sweeps and scales. Out of the entire album, Illusionist was probably the best put together. Don’t get me wrong, the entire album is amazing, but this song just happens to be on a whole other level then the rest. Vocals, bass, guitar, and drums were just all around great on this record. A proud accomplishment for BOO. This would be an album that you could listen to from start to finish. If you’re into deathcore music, then check this album out as soon as possible.