Music review

Within The Ruins Making a Name for Themselves

On Tuesday August 6th, Within the Ruins played at Pittsburgh’s own Rex Theatre while supporting All Shall Perish on the South of the Border tour. Lately, Within The Ruins have been making a name for themselves ever since they released their latest album “Elite” earlier this year. The album has been getting a lot of praise and has been getting a lot of support by other bands such as All Shall Perish, Oceano, The Acacia Strain, The Faceless, I Declare War and so many more. Their following just keeps getting bigger.
Now even though they were not the headliner Tuesday night, it seemed as if the majority if not everyone was actually there to see Within The Ruins. Sadly they only played seven songs, six from “Elite” and the title track from “Invade”. Throughout the whole night, the crowd has never been so energetic until they came out to play. Out of the seven bands that were there, they were the only band to actually have a mosh pit going on during their set. There wasn’t any holding back at that point since it was everyone who was right at the front of the stage. Just to experience this band live is a whole other experience from their albums. When you see a band live, it should always be like that though. The energy they bring to the stage is unreal on so many different levels. All of the technicalities in their music along with how all of a sudden it changes directions and just drops to heavy metal just keeps your attention the entire time they play. It seems as if there is no limit for these guys right now.
If you get the chance, you need to check Within The Ruins out as soon as possible. They are actually about to go back on tour with The Acacia Strain as soon as this tour with All Shall Perish is over.
Setlist From Tuesday:
1. Terminal
2. Solace
3. The Charm
4. New Holy War
5. I, Blaspheme
6. Feeding Frenzy
7. Invade