Ice Cold Sophist – “Last Time” Video

About the Video:

With his latest release, ‘Last Time’, Ice Cold Sophist serves up hard hitting raps about real life and trying to break out from the underground to reach new heights. A dark baseline drives the scenic lyricism with an accompanying snare that sounds more like a late-night train ride than anything else, with the Sophist serving as the conductor of this trip. The track serves as an offering from his long-anticipated forthcoming full-length release, ‘Beautiful Destruction’, due this fall.



Born and bred in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Ice Cold Sophist (shortened as ‘iCS’) comes from the generation of kids born in the 80’s and raised in the 90’s; the crop old enough to remember hip-hop’s infamous golden years, yet baring witness to the rise of Cash Money Records and the break out of classic hip-hop albums such as 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Trying. Penning his first rhyme at 12 years old, iCS’s brand of lyricism is rooted in the gritty upbringing of his environment, yet offers a poetic form that challenges the listener to reflect on the wordplay. With a passionate delivery sewn over down-tempo production the music seems to still have an upbeat feel. If that sounds like a contradiction, though, that’s understandable, because Ice Cold Sophist is all about breaking from the norms while also embracing the idiosyncrasies of what it means to be human. This is characterized through a sonic package that seems to draw inspiration from a variety of musical genres, including hip-hop, R&B, electro, synth, and alternative. Currently unsigned, ICS co-founded the production company Cold Capital Funhouse in 2011 in order to release his music independently.

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