The Fades Team Up With Keith TOTP To Release New Single “Heard It On The Radio”

Best known for their witty and frenetic brand of Garage-Punk, The Fades are back with a special release featuring the much lauded Keith Top of the Pops.

Harking back to the golden days of the 80s and 90s when Rock ruled the world and gas was cheap, the song is an invitation to pull on those old worn-out jeans and think about the first girl/boy you ever fell in love with.

We grew up listening to The Boss, The Heartbreakers, Cars… you know, classic rock. There’s nothing better than blaring Nils Lofgrens ‘Keith Don’t go’ out of the car going through Putney.” Says big-haired ax-wielding Jonny Fade.

It’s great working with Keith, his philosophies and unique approach to rock really brings out the best. Jonny and I played on his last two brilliant albums and he played a big part in making our album Ragnarok happen. We thought ‘Hey! Let’s properly do a tune together, you and us.’ Recounts singer Dave.

Sure to be the greatest late night American driving song released this year, ‘Heard it on the Radio’ will be released August 5th 2013 through Genepool Records.

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